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Orville Wayne Meyer

Orville Wayne Meyer

(Harvard, Nebraska: 25th August 1911 - 22nd June 1992)

Inspired at age 15 (1926) seeing traveling magician (probably Eugene Laurant). Learned in 1926 from books, particularly the Tarbell Course (by mail). Debut in 1930 in school shows, billed as "Nebraska's Magician". Invented his own very dangerous version of the Bullet Catch in 1931, which he gave to Annemann in 1933. Annemann wrote "Look what you have made of my life." Moved permanently to Denver, Colorado, in 1933. Semi-pro club and mental magician since 1933 as "The Wizard of Ah's".

Pet effects: Rising Cards, Card in Cigarette, Linking Rings, and Chinese Sticks. Reinvented Think Ink! in 1937. In WWII toured US Army camps with the USO. Became a personnel specialist with US Civil Service Commission. Also later as astrologer and psychic reader. 1989 PEA Achievement in the Art of Mentalism Award. 1993 SAM Hall of Fame.

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Orville Wayne Meyer

Mindreading Supreme by Orville Wayne Meyer[Note: Also included in More Miracles in Mentalism.

Now you can perform apparent acts of "Hellstromism" or muscle reading, similar to how a world-famous psychic entertainer finds his paycheck after every performance.

True muscle reading is a phenomenal ability, in the hands of a master showman. Yet this skill takes months to fully master. Now, with the release of this fine routine, Meyer reveals the method behind his supreme mental test. Each of several audience members decides on an experiment or "test" (of the kind usually associated with contact mindreading) for the mentalist to attempt. The mentalist, while blindfolded, asks one of...

2019 / 7 / 22

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Orville Wayne Meyer

Orville Meyer on the Bullet Catch by Orville Wayne MeyerListen to Orville Meyer as he recalls his creation of his bullet catch method which was so masterfully performed by Ted Annemann. A rare treat for all mentalism and magic history buffs. This recording was made June 20th 1985.

Ben Robinson, an expert bullet catcher himself writes:

"Before Penn & Teller, David Blaine or Criss Angel decided to catch bullets, there was a book that talked about the history and secrets of the stunt. It was called Twelve Have Died — Bullet Catching, The Story & Secrets. I wrote that book when I was 23 years old. I wrote it in six weeks of uninterrupted writing. But before I did, before...
2009 / 9 / 11

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Orville Wayne Meyer

Magic in the Modern Manner by Orville Wayne MeyerThis is a work most will not be familiar with. Many will dismiss it with 'another old magic book'. But those in the know have carefully studied it and hold it dear as one of the most valuable books for a working professional magician.

It is the original and the only one of four places where Annemann's bullet catch is described, because it was Orville Meyer who supplied Annemann with the method. All the three other places where this is described are out of print and hard to impossible to find.

And now this lost Orville Meyer gem has been made even more valuable by extensive annotations and a new...

2009 / 6 / 16

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Orville Wayne Meyer

The Amazing Magic Square and Master Memory Demonstration by Orville Wayne MeyerOrville Meyer, probably most famous for developing the bullet catch for Ted Annemann, demonstrates here his skill to routine amazing effects.

The stunt of forming a sixteen cell magic square that will add up to a number suggested by a spectator is a spectacular mathematical feat. Memorizing and repeating a list of objects named by members of the audience is an interesting and impressive mental demonstration. When you combine the formation of the sixteen cell magic square with the memorized list of objects, you really have something!

But we do not stop there! In this version, the double-barreled feat...

2008 / 12 / 23

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Orville Wayne Meyer

Telepathy in Action by Orville Wayne MeyerThis is the classic work on waking hypnosis, the publication that inspired recent writings by Kross, Enriquez, Knepper, and others. Meyer describes, in considerable detail (including scripts) the act originally developed by Professor George Lyman, and later performed by Meyer himself. Using no props, no preparation, no pre-show, and no confederates of any kind, this is a complete 45–60 minute act in itself, and plays to the largest audiences. Not recommended for beginners in mentalism, as it does require mature presentation skills. This is a highly-sought-after manuscript on "the real thing"...
2008 / 11 / 19

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