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Born in 1974 in Salerno (Italy), he became interested in the world of magic since he was 6 years old. His favorite magicians were Silvan, Tony Binarelli (Italian magician) David Copperfield. He was trying to figure out their secrets watching their shows on TV and trying to replicate their effects at home. Over the years he concentrated on gambling (card sharking). He became a semi-professional cheater. He studied computer science for 5 years and with 26 years transfered to Milan to work as a programmer (his current job). From then he began to study mentalism (He read about Corinda, Steve Banachek, Derren Brown, etc. ), psychology and NLP. In 2008, he read about the Paul Curry Open Prediction. After a few months he found his own solution (Criminal Induction), and discovered a similar problem ACAAN made famous by David Berglas. On this particular card problem he spent a lot of time finding many variations. Currently he continues his studies in mentalism trying to find new principles and effects.

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Marpis by Tommaso GuglielmiIn order to help Tommy's friend who lost her work due to a serious health issue (pulmonary hypertension and multiple sclerosis) he decide to help her by raising money through his ebooks and he is offering an insane deal.

All of his ebooks for just $20! (Bonus: Michael Kociolek added two of his own ebooks to the bundle and Peter Duffie added four of his ebooks.)

This deal will stay active until Tommy has raised the 15,000 Euros his friend needs to keep her home.

2014 / 3 / 17

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The ACAAN Finale by Tommaso GuglielmiAfter many versions of ACAAN, Tommy has created a version which he believes is very direct, hands–off and very close to the perfect ACAAN. From the spectator's view point, they will see:
  • A deck of cards closed in its box is in full view on the table.
  • A spectator selects a card using an imaginary deck and a number via an imaginary urn.
  • Mentally the spectator imagines moving the card to the correct position inside the deck.
  • The spectator removes the cards from the box and counts to named number and the named card will be there without the magician ever touching the deck
In all his...
2013 / 7 / 20

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Subliminal Influence by Tommaso GuglielmiSubliminal Influence is a multiple phase routine. You can decide to perfom all the phases in a row or just some of them as single effects. If you perform the entire routine exactly as Tommaso describes, it will take almost 20 minutes of your show. So, you decide.

The following effects take place:

  • Guess a Random Selection: The performer guesses a random card selected by the spectator
  • Gemini Effect part 1: The spectator and the performer select a card. The 2 cards are 2 cards with the same value and color: (AH - AD, 3S-3C, etc. )
  • Perfect ACAAN: A deck of cards inside its box is on the...
2012 / 2 / 20

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Dark Thief and Entanglement by Tommaso GuglielmiDark Thief

Two spectators think of a number between 1 and 10. With their numbers, a card is mentally selected. With the first spectator, the magician performs a mind reading effect guessing his thought of card. With the two spectators together, the magician introduces a deck of playing cards and explains that he wants to try an ACAAN effect. In order to do this, the magician asks the first spectator to think of his card and to the second one to create a random number between 1 and 52. (This number is created using the two spectator's numbers: The second spectator tells his number to the first...

2011 / 1 / 19

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Eyes of Darkness by Tommaso GuglielmiThis is an ACAAN effect using two decks.

The performer shows two decks closed within their boxes. A spectator selects one of them and puts it aside (This deck will be used later). The perfomer asks the spectator to remove the second deck from his box and to check if the deck is a regular deck. At this point the performer instructs the spectator to select a number and a playing card using a very clean procedure with this deck. The spectator for example chooses 31 and Ace of Spades. Now, without the performer touching the decks, the second spector removes the first deck from its box and counts...

2010 / 6 / 13

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Subtle Scam by Tommaso Guglielmi
"Truly inspiring." - Ben Harris

"If you are a serious student of card magic and love to delve into the intricacies of one of card magic's greatest plots - the ACAAN - then Tommaso Guglielmi's SUBTLE SCAM was written JUST FOR YOU." - Vlad, Magic Cafe

"Having been a keen follower of the ACAAN plot for a number of years, I was fortunate to befriend Tommy Gugliemi who shares the same passion and is almost obsessed by the plot, this is not necessarily a bad thing as he has shared some of the most ingenious handling's I have ever seen, many completely hands off and impromptu. One handling that stands...

2010 / 5 / 25

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Beyond Reloaded by Tommaso GuglielmiGive a spectator the deck of cards with the promise that you will not be handling it again. The first spectator is asked to simply name a card and the second one to name a number between 1 and 52. The magician instructs the second spectator to deal to his named number. When the spectator reaches his number, the corresponding card matches the first spectator's named card.

If you look for the Ultimate ACAAN this effect is very close. In this pdf Tommaso teaches you his way to have this little miracle with a full routine without pre-show, stooges, force etc. etc.

Bonus Effect: Devilish Prediction...

2010 / 4 / 2

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The Magician's Dream: a practical solution for any card at any number by Tommaso GuglielmiThe Magician's Dream is a collection of two practical ACAAN's effects: Random ACAAN, ACAAN on Demand.

With Random ACAAN, you are able to perform ACAAN effect completly self-working: You can perform it without you touching the deck ever (before, during and after the effect). It works with any unprepared deck.

ACAAN on Demand is a full impromptu one to one ACAAN. This method is pefect when someone, in a informal situation, asks you to perform a magic trick. The method is very pratical and in 95% of the cases it works without you touching the deck from start to end.

Bonus effects: ...

2010 / 3 / 28

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Open Prediction by Tommaso GuglielmiThis is one of Gugliemli's several methods for the open prediction that he is glad to offer all magicians. It should be noted that this effect does not respect all of the conditions set by Stewart James for his “51 Faces North”. This is a good Impromptu solution. It relies on sleight of hand to reach a 100% successful ending, but Tommaso tried to design the method to hide the “dirty work” and he has included 6 different techniques to hopefully meet the needs/styles of everyone. This method will require some practice before the performer can swiftly and confidently present the effect. ...
2010 / 3 / 28

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Destiny 2 by Tommaso GuglielmiDestiny 2.0 is an easier and more spectacular version of its predecessor. Now, people with no big experience in magic will be able to astonish their audience with an even more entertaining effect. Besides, if you are just an amateur and have no abilities in magic, you will find enclosed a document that contains instructions to build yourself the "Destiny Deck", a way to perform with no skills at all!

You will also find a copy of Destiny Evolution 2; a trick that merges the original Destiny effect with an imaginary poker hand. Obviously everything will be done with a single deck of cards coupled...

2010 / 3 / 28

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