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Dan "EVILDAN" Terelmes was born in South River, NJ. He got into magic at the age of 13 when The Premier 75 Magic Shop opened in New Brunswick, NJ. He lived the magician's dream of having a brick and mortar magic shop nearby to hang out at and learn. In time, he worked his way into demonstrating magic behind the counter and traded hours for magic tricks and books.

Since those early years, he has performed séances, bizarre magick shows, corporate shows, strolling magic at festivals, busking and magic at haunted attractions. He currently performs with his wife, Colleen the Sideshow Queen as "Psychic Sideshow" and they’ve even made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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Dan Terelmes

Slam - and other pet peeves about the Chop Cup by Dan TerelmesD. Terelmes is a performer who admits he tends to overthink things. He's been performing the chop cup for close to 40 years. Contained are his pet peeves on what he believes other performers (even top pros) are doing wrong when presenting the chop cup. You won't find any new sleights or new moves. Instead you might find a nugget or few that will change your approach as to how YOU perform and routine the chop cup.

He hopes to take the chop cup from the "obvious" trick that some consider it to be, to the miracle it can be; one that withstands repeat performances at street festivals and haunted...

2019 / 8 / 26

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Dan Terelmes

The Coin Board Book by Dan Terelmes

Learn some classic moves followed by new moves, ideas, routines, and ideas for routines for the Miracle Coin Panel Board. This ebook will inspire you to create your own moves and own routines.

You've probably seen one. Perhaps you've even owned one. Then you gave it a try, gave up, and put it in your drawer of unused magic stuff.

Well, it's time to break out your coin panel board. EVILDAN has taken the board and breathed new life into it. You will learn about different types of boards currently available, which ones work better than others, and how they work.

Then you'll learn some...

2016 / 4 / 3

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