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N.I. Pectus

Daniel grew up and lives in Germany. Modern card magic caught his attention and lured him into magic. Magic that is direct and to the point. Even though his first love are cards the basic premise of his philosophy is that magic should emanate realness. In order to achieve that he puts performance over methods. He shares in that sense the thoughts of the one who influenced his work significantly - Dani DaOrtiz. Intent is prior to content. He believes that a performance oriented approach is more capable of giving birth to good methods than a method oriented approach is able to give birth to good performances. Therefore he refuses in his work to focus merely on the explanation part.

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N.I. Pectus

A Nice Choreography by N.I. PectusThis nice choreography utilizes some basic moves and concepts to create an appearance of something real. It feels that the implications of the effect are real.

First the spectator examines a card, a Joker lets say, and it remains face up on the table. Afterwards the deck is spread face up in front of him and he is asked to move his finger, pointing always vertically towards the cards, from one end to the other. The spectator stops where he wants. The selection is determined - the four of clubs.

Not knowing what the reason for it might be, the spectator is advised to examine the Joker from...

2017 / 11 / 12

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N.I. Pectus

An Explanation of the Ambitious Card Routine by N.I. PectusSounds trivial right? Why should a magician not know how the ambitious card routine is done?

With this ebook I attempt to give some clothing to the ACR we all know because it seems naked sometimes to me. And still keeping the setup to the maximal minimum - a deck of cards. You will get a tasty reframe that strengthens not only the intra-connection of the elements in the ACR but also the inter-connection the ACR has to the effects performed around it. Another thing you will get is a simple sleight that allows you to show the ambitious card and without doing any sleights after it, it still...

2017 / 2 / 23

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N.I. Pectus

The Off-Principle by N.I. PectusSometimes we confuse progress and novelty. Not everything new is an improvement.

What the off principle offers is not newness but rather simplicity. The Off-principle is not trying to replace breaks, peeks or controls and yet it is making them less relevant. The off principle is not an advanced move or trick and yet it is able to improve almost every card trick. The off principle is complex in it s applications and yet simplifies almost any card trick you are about to perform.

Yesterday you used controls to keep track of the spectators card, now it is still possible but unnecessary. Yesterday...

2017 / 1 / 12

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N.I. Pectus

Das Off Prinzip by N.I. PectusDas Off-Prinzip ist ein Universalprinzip für Kartentricks – ein Universalfooler.

Manchmal verwechseln wir Fortschritt mit Neuheit. Nicht alles Neue ist eine Verbesserung; Verbesserung ist Einfachheit. Das Off-Prinzip bietet weniger die Neuheit aber mehr den Fortschritt. Das Off-Prinzip versucht nicht Breaks oder Kontrollen abzulösen und dennoch werden sie so brauchbar wie ein Mp3-Player wenn man schon ein Smartphone hat. Das Off-Prinzip ist nicht nur für Fortgeschrittene und dennoch wird fast jeder Kartentrick dadurch fortgeschrittener.

Kontrollen verschaffen dem Performer Kontrolle...

2017 / 1 / 1

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