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Philipp Ganglberger

Philipp Ganglberger has been performing magic for over 26 years. More than half of that as a Mentalist. During these years he has achieved quite a few things. Full evening shows across his country, TV Specials on prime time, gamblers wanted to team up with him and a lot more. Whenever he hears that mentalism has to be sleight free he cringes. In his opinion nothing can beat a quick mind combined with skilled sleight of hand. He prefers mentalism done the old school - no electronics, just you, your mind, your fingers and your audience.


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Philipp Ganglberger

B2: a billet routine by Philipp GanglbergerB2 is the name of the billet routine Philipp Ganglberger used to do (and still does) in his act. It is suited for stage and parlor. Within the routine two thoughts are read. The routine itself is directed at experienced mentalists. You will have to p**k, s***ch, and mis***l. Did I mention there is a du**y as well? There is nothing inherently difficult you have to do, but the deception and flow of the routine depends on a choreography of carefully scripted moves and happenings which need to be learned and internalized to achieve an optimal outcome. Everything is taught in minute detail. With...
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