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Will Dexter

Will Dexter

(St. Anne's, England: 13th September 1906 - 5th November 1985)

Pen name of William Thomas Pritchard. Learned magic as youth from Neil's The Modern Conjurer. Journalist until retired in 1969. Designed crossword puzzles for Daily Telegraph 1970-84. Semi-pro magician, specializing in mentalism.

Wrote The Riddle of Chung Ling Soo (1955, 223pp); Identity Parade (1955, 11pp); Sealed Vision (1956, 66pp); Everybody's Book of Magic (1956, 183pp; repr as Famous Magic Secrets, [n.d.], 141pp); 101 Magic Secrets (London: Jun 1957, 158pp; US ed 1957); This is Magic (1958, 204pp; repr as Secrets of the Conjurer's Craft, [n.d.]); and Feature Magic for Mentalists (1975, 151pp).

Ghosted books for Robert Harbin. Edited Magic Circle Magic (1963, 265pp). Tricks in Hugard's Magic Monthly, Pentagram, Mantra, etc.

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Will Dexter

Feature Magic for Mentalists by Will DexterGreat mentalism routines most don't know about.
  • Foreword
  • Chapter One: A Couple Of Starters
    • Is There A Mind-Reader In The House?
    • Technique Of The Swami
    • Swami Four-Thought
  • Chapter Two: Something More Than Coincidence?
    • A Word From Atlantis
    • The Ultimate Seventh Key To Baldpate
    • Will Dexter's Routine For - Seven Keys To Baldpate
  • Chapter Three: E.S.P. Of One Kind Or Another
    • Those E.S.P. Cards - Were They Designed By A Conjurer?
    • The Psychogram Test
    • The Third Eye
  • Chapter Four: They Need To Laugh Sometimes, Don't They?
    • Will Dexter's Spirit Message Slates
    • Electro-Static...
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Will Dexter

Sealed Vision by Will DexterFrom the Foreword by Peter Warlock:
Within it you will find not only worthwhile ideas (ideas which can so easily be tested) but also suggestions for presentation, and, in fact, almost everything that an intelligent conjurer could require in making use of a fake blindfold for the purpose of one effect or a series of effects.
Illustrated by Jack Lamonte.
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Part One Transparent Blindfolds
    • Unprepared Silk Foulard
    • The Divided Bag, (1)
    • The Divided Bag, (2)
    • The Felt Mask
    • The Leather Mask
    • The Perforated Coin
    • Painted Goggles
    • Magnetised Goggles
    • Polarised Goggles
    • Clear Spot Goggles ...
2018 / 4 / 9

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