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Tommy Windsor

Tommy Windsor

(Marietta, Ohio: 5th July 1906 - 2nd September 1978)

Stage name of Thomas Isaac Lowry. Learned assisting MacDonald Birch. Commercial artist. Since 1924 semi-pro comedy magician, vent, and magic dealer in his home town. Invented Dye Box in 1946. Daily local Virginia 1/2-hour TV show Nov 1953-Jul 1954.

Wrote Magician's Merchandising Manual (1938, 42pp), Jackpot (1947, 4 issues as house organ), Tommy Windsor's Die Box Book (1947, 42pp), 64 Ways to Make Magic Pay (1952, 24pp), Suitcase Side Show (1962, 19pp), Tommy Windsor's Clip Art (1972), etc. Co-edited (with George McAthy) The Dope Sheet 1945-48. Column in Magic is Fun. Tricks in Dope Sheet and New Phoenix.

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Tommy Windsor

Street Faker Act by Tommy WindsorHere's a great change of pace routine for the magician -- an act that parodies the medicine pitchman. Audiences love it ... and you will, too.

The author includes his exact routine, including every bit of the hilarious patter and bits of business that made Tommy's act a laugh riot on stages from coast to coast. Not burlesque, but a clean comedy "pitch" act that can be performed in churches and schools as well as lodges and clubs. Full of laughs, but not a "blue" gag in the lot. A riot of fun but contains nothing to offend anyone.

You sell and demonstrate "Dr. Presto's Magical Medicines...

2019 / 7 / 22

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Tommy Windsor

Suitcase Side Show by Tommy WindsorHere is something different for the club or platform magician - a new act that will get you more bookings. Now you, too, can perform an immensely entertaining carnival pitch act that uses effects you most likely already own.

Contains comedy magic, patter and routines enough for three changes of program. The act is based on a premise of the performer playing the role of a sideshow barker, complete with spiel. Lots of the author's time and money went into this book, which was three years in preparation as the material was polished and refined in actual performance.

If you've ever wanted...

2018 / 6 / 26

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