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M.O.V by bboymagicNote that the instructions are purely visual with some captions.

This easily constructed gimmick allows you to levitate small elongated objects on your finger. Ideal objects to levitate are pens, straws, spoons, chop sticks, and similar.

1st edition 2018, length 7 min 30 s

2018 / 7 / 13

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MP4 (video)

Sly Card by bboymagicPlease note that the instructions are purely visual, no spoken words.

This is a very subtle method to find a freely chosen (not forced) card. It needs some prior preparation, but the deck (cards) are not altered in any way. After the effect there is nothing left to detect and the cards can be handed out or given away.

The method to locate the chosen card is not sleight-of-hand based. But to present it properly you will need some basic card handling skills such as shuffling, cutting, and spreading cards. Depending on how you choose to produce the chosen card you may need to be able to cull...

2018 / 7 / 9

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MP4 (video)

Zo-Change by bboymagicPlease note that this video is in Vietnamese, but the instructions to make the gimmick, and how to use it is perfectly understandable from the visual information alone.

Change a bill into a card. Easy gimmick. Easy to perform.

Obviously you need to use paper money that is compatible with the width of the cards you are using. Often bills can be trimmed slightly if they are too wide.

1st edition 2018, length 7 min 32 s

2018 / 7 / 9

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MP4 (video)

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Pages:  1 
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