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Charles Waller

(Benalla, Australia: 8th December 1879 - 30th May 1960)

Inspired at age 11 seeing George Heller show. Businessman in Melbourne. Highly creative amateur magician. Invented Harlequin Cigarette Holder (1923); Wonder Frame (by 1928); Hop, Skip and Jump (by 1928); Screen of Life (by 1936); Amazia (by 1936); and Mystery of the Telephone Booth (by 1936).

Wrote Up His Sleeve (1920, 86pp); For Magicians Only (1923, 145pp); Waller's Wonders (1926, 94pp); Magic from Below (1929, 160pp); Happy Magic (1932); and Magical Nights at the Theatre (1980, 256pp), a major history of 295 magicians who played Melbourne theaters from 1854 through 1947. Tricks in Magic Mirror, Magic Wand, Sphinx, Linking Ring, and Genii.

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Charles Waller

For Magicians Only by Charles WallerOnce in a lifetime, there comes a book - a volume that will stand in magical history as a lasting monument, and tribute to the Magic Art. This, according to Floyd Thayer, is such a book.

Part 1 is devoted to the purpose and presentation of magic in all its phases - comprising the complete analysis of Magic from the beginning to the end: What Magic Is, Apparatus and Sleights, Dress, Environment, Plot, Silence, Speech, Dramatic, Humorous, Music, Settings, Program Material, Introductions, The Magic Sketch, etc. etc.

Part 2 deals with an abundance of remarkable examples of patter, adaptable...

2019 / 10 / 13

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Charles Waller

Up His Sleeve by Charles WallerFull title is: Original Creation for Magicians Hitherto Kept "Up His Sleeve". Waller was a highly creative magician.
  • Publisher's Note
  • Introduction
  • Perverse Magic
    • "The Cantankerous Handkerchief"
    • "The Golliwog Ball"
    • "The Impish Card"
  • "The Secret Tube"
    • "The Growth of Flowers"
  • The Nest of Boxes
  • The Rising Cards
  • The Mountain of Flags
  • "A Four Ace Climax"
  • The "Turn Over" Force
  • The "Rainbow" Force
  • Full or Empty
  • The Big Production
    • A Basket of Flowers
    • The Big Bowl
  • "The Fourth Dimension"
  • Charlie Chaplin and "Spooky Ookum"
  • The Utility Fans
  • The Candle That Was
  • "In the...
2018 / 9 / 3

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