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Wilbur Kattner

Wilbur Kattner

(Boston, Massachusetts: 13th September 1917 - 20th August 1998)

Inspired at age 5 seeing S. S. Henry in Chautauqua. Learned from a gift magic set. Teacher in Richmond, Washington. Amateur magician since 1931 and as "Howard Holden" 1932-34. Reinvented Think! Ink! (c1941). IBM Gold Medal for "Climax!" (with torn corner, 1945). Also originated "The Shattering Flask", "Prognostication", and "Houdini Escapes".

Column ("Future Magic") in Linking Ring in 1940s. Wrote 5 booklets, including You're On! (1944, 22pp), Off the Beaten Path (1947, 24pp), and Destiny & Beyond (1990, 30pp). TAOM President 1967-68. Minor dealer in Fort Worth, Texas, publishing Small Magic Talk from Texas as house organ since 1977. Tricks in Sphinx, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Phoenix, Linking Ring.

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You're On! by Wilbur KattnerHere are not one, but two, fully routined magic acts that are commercial and different. They work equally well for the one- or two-person show. Each of the routines is a complete unit, with effects that lead up to a definite climax. Patter, music cues, stage movements and rehearsal suggestions are included. You also get standalone effects, new wrinkles for established effects, and additional patter and bits of business to add to your show.


THE RESTLESS COLORS (Orville Meyer) is a routine on par with "Out Of This World." It is guaranteed to leave magicians and laymen in a daze. It...

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The Prolix Spirit Writes by Wilbur KattnerAudiences and critics alike love this mysterious psychic entertainment stunt. A reputation-maker. Like all good mentalism, it has a simple premise. A female spectator secretly writes a question about her future. Another spectator examines a blank piece of paper, then initials and holds it for safekeeping. The lady now reads her written question aloud and the performer (that's you) calls upon the spirits to reply. The blank, initialed paper is opened by the spectator holding it, who discovers that it's no longer blank. He reads the lengthy reply the spirits have written in answer to the lady...
2018 / 11 / 19

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