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Louis Shelvy Histed

(Britain: 22nd August 1897 - 10th October 1965)

Customs and Excise official. Amateur magician and major magic inventor. Was an associate of the Inner Magic Circle, Vice-President of the Mahatma Circle of Magicians, Honorary Vice-President of the Yorkshire Magic Club and Member of the Institute of Magicians.

Invented Square Circle in 1930. Wrote The Magic of Louis Histed (1947, 159pp; repr 1968). Tricks in Abra.

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Louis Shelvy Histed

The Magic of Louis S. Histed (used) by Louis Shelvy HistedHardcover with dust jacket. Supreme edition from about 1970. For details on the content see the digital edition.
2020 / 1 / 9

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Louis Shelvy Histed

The Magic of Louis S. Histed by Louis Shelvy HistedIn this ebook is to be found the cream of the tricks, ideas and principles which have gone, over the years, into Histed's monster note-book. Here is the life-time's harvest of one man's brilliant thought and patient experimentation. And as every harvest carries the seeds of the next, we are confident that the principles which the author here discloses for the first time, and the new presentations he has devised for other effects, will bear further fruit in the work of amateur and professional magical entertainers all over the world.

The Magic of Louis S. Histed contains magic to suit every...

2019 / 4 / 28

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