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Arthur Leroy

(New York City: 15th November 1911 - 15th October 1995)

Stage and pen name of Arthur Leroy Levy. Pro in New York City since 1925 when he became Louis "Pop" Krieger's assistant. US Army Special Services in WWII. Did a marionette-circus-magic show ("Matinees for Moppets") at the 1,200-seat Brooklyn Academy of Music 1952-1960-? (with assistant Peggy Bridges doing marionettes).

Wrote Jimmy Shannon's At Your Fingertips (1934, 12pp), Futuristic Fantasies, Magic from A2Z (1934), Grand Finale (1939), and Outline of Mystery (1947). As "Eaton Hope" reviewed for Sphinx until 1953. As "Leroy" tricks and articles in Grant's Inner Circle Magazine, Sphinx, and Hugard's Magic Monthly.

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Arthur Leroy

Outline of Mystery by Arthur LeroyHere are a devil's dozen effects, moves and miracles for the semi-professional that, for the most part, don't rely on external gimmicks. It's one of those rare books that, the more you read it, the more you'll appreciate it. Not written for the faint of heart. If you're after bold, professional magic, this is the book for you. (And yes, the title is a pun on H. G. Well's Outline of History. Kudos if you caught that.)

You'll find effects for close-up, platform and stage. The details are provided as if you were a trusted confidante of the author.

Partial Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Spell...
2019 / 8 / 14

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