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Peter Warlock

(Islington, London, England: 23rd June 1904 - 16th December 1995)

Stage name of Alec William Bell since 1937, aka "Jules Giraud", "Deb", "Rudi Jader", "Russell Sharpe", and "G. Locke".

Learned in WW I from schoolmate. Bank official. Semi-pro magician since 1920. Published first trick in The Magic Wand in 1921. 1950 Sphinx Award. 1952 British Ring Shield. British Ring Past President. In 1960s with Francis Haxton toured their "Trudy and Rudy" burlesque magic act in Holland and Italy. Pet effect: Jest of Gratoulet.

Wrote "Our Side of the Pond" British magic news column in Linking Ring 1967-Jan 1985. 1970 AMA Literary Fellowship. 1974 Magic Circle "Magician of the Year" award. SAM Hall of Fame (1985). MIMC (resigned 1987). 1989 H. Adrian Smith Literary Award (shared with Eric Lewis). 1990 AMA Masters Fellowship.

Invented Quadruple Penetration (1937), Book of the Mind (early 1950s), Five Thoughts Ahead (early 1950s), Twin Thoughts (1953), Red and White Ropes (1955), Sympathetic Selections (1956), and Stranger in Paradise (1956).

Edited Pentagram 1946-59, Gen 1952-53, and New Pentagram 1969-89.

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Plans For Deception by Peter WarlockFrom the Foreword:
The welcome accorded to Design for Magic has given me the necessary encouragement to present this present volume. I hope that among the score of original ideas and effects, there may be something of use for every type of magician. Some of the effects rely in part upon mechanism for their accomplishment. My views on mechanism in Magic agree with those well expressed by John Mulholland, who a few years ago wrote the following in The Sphinx.

"When mechanics are used in Magic, they must be so designed and constructed that they are infallible. When a trick depends on mechanism and the mechanism fails...

2018 / 11 / 5

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Warlock's Way by Peter WarlockThis ebook covers a wide variety of stand up, close up, and stage magic from the brilliant mind of Peter Warlock. Mentalism, Cards, Silks, Rope, Ball and Cone, and more.
  • Aces Low
  • Touchdown
  • Kolar
  • Mind Out Of Time
  • Twang
  • Android
  • Android Two
  • Tinker Bell
  • Zodiac
  • Slalem
  • Tour De Force
  • Jinx
  • Five Chairs
  • Trivu
  • Tempus
  • Nick
  • Endora
  • 3 Times Lucky
  • Oldie
  • A Matter Of Note
  • Prize Winner
  • The Cone & Ball Routine
  • Willow Pattern Mystery
  • Silks & Beakers
  • Sympathetic Selection
  • Red & White Mystery
  • Triple Restoration

128 pages; PDF 79 pages.

2017 / 10 / 31

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Come A Little Closer ... by Peter WarlockGoing down the list of contributors one will find very prominent names such as Elmsley, Walton and Avis. When this book originally appeared they were young and largely unknown. Enjoy some of their early contributions to the art of close-up magic.
  • Foreword
  • The Repeat Card In Hat (Tommy Vanderschmidt)
  • The Cut And Restored Cigarette (Arthur Holland)
  • Jet Transportation (Bobby Bernard)
  • Point Of Departure (Alex Elmsley)
  • Knifed (Roy Walton)
  • The Seance Card Trick (Ted Danson)
  • The Monte Cristo Ring (John Derris)
  • The Cards Of Pegasus (Jack Avis)

1st edition 1953, 37 pages; 1st digital edition 2017, 30 pages....

2017 / 6 / 15

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Wiles of a Warlock by Peter WarlockAnother silent film from the 1950s showcasing magic performed and explained by Peter Warlock. He teaches mostly magic with ropes and silks. It was recorded in the Harry Stanley Unique Magic Studios. The man behind the camera was Lewis Ganson.
  • Robin Hood Knot
  • A Colourful Surprise (cigarette pack to flowers)
  • A Tale of Three Ropes
  • Take Your Pick! (two rings one rope)
  • The Amiable Silkworm (appearing silks)
  • Porous Silk
  • Two Cords one Ring
  • See How It Runs (salt from silk)
length 12 min 30 seconds
2015 / 12 / 23

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MP4 (video)

Best Tricks with Slates by Peter WarlockA wonderful ebook explaining all the best slate tricks and effects, by Peter Warlock, who has used slate tricks in his programs for many years. Covers the manipulation of unprepared slates, the use of the flap, various mechanical slates and aids, little know methods of fake mediums, chemical writing and many other methods that are as effective as they are unique.
  • Section One: Wherein The Operator, Using Ordinary Slates, Obtains Writing On One Of The Slates
    • Jardine Ellis Routine
    • Routine With Two Slates
    • Maro's Routine
    • Blank On Both Sides
    • Edward Victor's Routine
  • Section Two: Methods...
2015 / 8 / 29

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Mystery and Magic with Peter Warlock by Peter WarlockPeter Warlock, one of the most brilliant and inventive minds in the world of mentalism, contributes some excellent effects that you can do.

Memories of Jardine Ellis, Devant and other famous names are included but above all this recording will be remembered for the clear and easy-to-understand way in which Peter Warlock describes a number of outstanding mental mysteries.

[This recording was made on a very cold evening and from time to time the sound of the central heating system can be heard.]

This is a licensed reproduction of the famous Magicassette series created by Martin Breese - now owned by

2009 / 4 / 2

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New Pentagram Magazine by Peter WarlockThe New Pentagram Magazine appeared from 1969 to 1989 - over 2000 pages. This amazing magazine followed in the footsteps of Pentagram Magazine which had been published first by Peter Warlock and then was backed by The Magic Wand publishing company. Supreme Magic then backed and helped Peter to continue the original magazine but under the name of New Pentagram. And it ran for twenty years.

This wonderful magazine was packed with contributions from some of the leading names from magical history. Ted Danson's diary effect first appeared in its pages. Here, taken at random, are some of the top names who wrote...

2009 / 1 / 9

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Pentagram Magazine by Peter WarlockThe legendary Pentagram Magazine edited by Peter Warlock appeared from 1946 to 1959. It features superb magic from Alex Elmsley, Robert Harbin, Fred Kaps, Stewart James, Dai Vernon, Al Koran, Roy Walton, Arthur Carter, Leslie May, Charles Cameron, Ron Baillie, Jack Avis, Gus Southall, Edmund Rowland, Ed Marlo, Graham Adams and many others.

Every trick can be accessed via the hyperlinked index.

Now the Pentagram is within reach of all those who enjoy great magic.

Copyright © 2002 by Martin Breese.

1st edition 1946-1959; 1311 pages....

2009 / 1 / 9

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