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Eric Mason

(1921 - 27th November 1986)

Eric Mason had strong art and musical capabilities and originally intended to become a violin virtuoso. Left school at 14. Became studio manager at 20 and studied commercial design, art, visualization, etc.

Retired from business life to paint full time in 1970. His hobbies were music, psychology, sculpture and magic.

Coauthors: Nick Bolton, Fred Robinson, Ted Lesley, David Britland, Barrie Richardson

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Eric Mason

Eric Mason's Pandora (Instructions) by Eric Mason[Note: These are only the instructions that came with the gimmick. You will not receive any gimmick. However, with the instructions you are able to construct your own gimmick if you want to.]

Walt Lees wrote in the Pabular:

"This is one of the funniest and most startling ways of producing a selected card that I have even seen. In effect a card is selected and returned to the pack. The card can be marked if so desired. A small box is shown; it is circular with a hinged lid, rather like a ladies powder compact, but smaller. It is placed on top of the pack and opened. Out pops a jack in the box type of snake with the chosen card stuck to its nose. It is as quick and clean as that: There is no fumbling, palming or anything of that kind. The impact comes because the card is bigger than the box...
2019 / 2 / 19

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Eric Mason & Barrie Richardson

A Boon For All Seasons by Eric Mason & Barrie RichardsonFrom the introduction by Eric Mason:
I regret that I do not have the scholarship or time to trace the history of secret marking devices, but I would assume that they have existed for a long time. Maybe the odd advocate or so has altered the moment of his time to advantage and left, as with others, his mark on the world. Such a secret device has long been a powerful tool used by many to misdirect others, sometimes cruelly. I wonder if Nostradamus used it? He thought of most things and predicted practically everything as well as anyone! The Swami Gimmick has taken on many forms and Boon for...
2017 / 5 / 20

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Ted Lesley & Eric Mason & David Britland

Ted Lesley's Working Performer's Marked Deck Manual by Ted Lesley & Eric Mason & David Britland
"I must congratulate you on producing the most readable 'Reader' deck I have ever seen." - Billy McComb

"A bold yet deceptive marking system that reveals the cards as fast as you can glance at them. An absolute boon to the professional performer." - Larry Becker

"Your marking idea is brilliant. It is quite the cleverest idea that I have seen in a marked deck for magicians." - Jeff Busby

"It is the first marked deck I have seen that is practical for the performing magician, your deck indeed makes miracles with cards so very easy congratulations." - Marvin Roy

Ted Lesley of Germany devised the Working...
2014 / 2 / 15

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Eric Mason

Stuff: A collection of Original Magic by Eric MasonStuff is a beautifully designed and produced book (now available as ebook) of top quality magic and contains detailed descriptions of several marketed props and routines. These include the Beta Wallet, the Breese-Mason Wallet, Cummupence, the Silver Retriever, the Golden Retriever and Pandora. Eric Mason was not only a brilliant inventor and magician; he was a creative and talented illustrator. You will find several examples of Mason's skill as illustrator in this ebook.

Eric Mason was a highly talented and exceptionally creative magician and illustrator. He was the Art Editor of Pabular magazine and illustrated...

2009 / 11 / 3

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Nick Bolton & Fred Robinson & Eric Mason

Pabular by Nick Bolton & Fred Robinson & Eric MasonHere is the complete file of Pabular, one of the most remarkable and influential magazines ever published.

Pabular was first published in 1974 by Nick Bolton and ran for just over eight exciting volumes. It is probably the finest ever British close-up magazines to be published. It was mainly edited by the well respected Fred Robinson (later by Walt Lees and Stephen Tucker) and the art editor throughout was Eric Mason.

The first effect in the magazine was by Roy Walton and contributors include: Jack Avis, Gaeton Bloom, John Carney, Tony Corinda, Ted Danson, Will Dexter, Bob Driebeek, Shiv Duggal, Peter Duffie, Alex Elmsley, Dominique Duvivier, Cy Endfield, Bob Farmer, Flip, Piet Forton,...

2009 / 1 / 17

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