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Showmanship for Magicians

Showmanship for Magicians by Dariel FitzkeeDariel Fitzkee authored one of the best trilogies on magic theory. This volume, book one in the trilogy, primarily deals with theoretical aspects of a magic performance. This book has been cited numerous times and is one of the standard works every serious magician should read. Fitzkee has a very analytical mind and describes his thoughts clearly. As with any theory not everyone will agree with every detail and every suggestion. Regardless of if you fully subscribe to Fitzkee's thinking or not, there is plenty to learn from his writings.

Here is what others had to say about this book, when...

2006 / 8 / 10

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The Trick Brain

The Trick Brain by Dariel FitzkeeThis is book two from Fitzkee's trilogy and is unlike any other book ever written on magic. It was the first book (and to my knowledge the only book) to attack magic methods from a scientific standpoint. Fitzkee develops here a classification of effects, from appearances to vanishes, and then describes a system to invent or develop new trick plots. This is an invention system. I would say it is one way to invent new trick plots. But even if you are not of the scientific sort, the classification and discussion of magic effects and methods is a tremendous resource to expand your horizon and think...
2006 / 8 / 12

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Magic by Misdirection

Magic by Misdirection by Dariel FitzkeeThis volume, book three in the trilogy, is all about the psychology in magic. Mechanics alone, a sleight or move, are not sufficient to produce a strong magic effect. Dexterity by itself is more like juggling. Only if misdirection, the psychological aspect of deception, is added into the mix, will one be able to create a truly magic experience.

There aren't many good works on misdirection. This is one of the must read ebooks, a classic in the theory of magic. A shorter but modern discussion of misdirection can be read in Pocket Power by Jarle Leirpoll.

    • Which is the cart and which is the horse ...
2006 / 8 / 11

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Genii Volume 10 (Sep 1945 - Aug 1946)

Genii Volume 10 (Sep 1945 - Aug 1946) by William W. LarsenSeptember 1945 - August 1946
Including P.C.A.M. News and Magigals - M.U.M. sent as special insert
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Larsen, Editors

416 pages

  1. Genii - Volume 10, Number 1 - September 1945 - 36 pages
  2. Cover - McDonald Birch
  3. Index
  4. Genii Speaks - editorial comments
  5. Rising Selected Cards from Cases - Jan Grippo
  6. Did You Know That - Maury Kains
  7. Gravatt's Simplex Penetration - Glenn G. Gravatt
  8. Easy Openers - Jack McMillen
  9. The Test of the Seven - Walter Price
  10. Two Selected Cards on Two Selected Carrots - Loring Campbell
  11. Did You Know That - Maury Kains
  12. Cigarettes...! - Irvin Turvey ...
2014 / 4 / 15


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Genii Volume 02 (Sep 1937 - Aug 1938)

Genii Volume 02 (Sep 1937 - Aug 1938) by William W. LarsenSeptember 1937 - August 1938
Official Organ for The Pacific Coast Association of Magicians and Official American Organ for The International Alliance of Magicians
William W. Larsen, Editor and Publisher

464 pages

  1. Genii - Volume 2, Number 1 - September 1937 - 32 pages
  2. Cover - Thomas Chew Worthington III
  3. In This Issue - Contents
  4. Thomas Chew Worthington III - biographical notes
  5. Genii Speaks - editorial comments
  6. MAGIC
    1. The Third Eye - William W. Larsen
    2. "Dots" - Frank M. Chapman
    3. The Chinese Bartender - Dale Williams
    4. Indian Prisoner Tie - Fred Kapp
    5. "Tattle-Tale" -...
2014 / 4 / 6


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The Loudmouth 1

The Loudmouth 1 by Zac EcksteinA new series in Magic and Mentalism, here comes the Loudmouth. A short and direct ebook series striving to give you not only quality and tested material, but thoughtful pondering's on issues and subjects involving the magic world.

A demonstration of either incredible memory ability or a "remote viewing" act. You can accurately take a shuffled deck (by you and your spectator if desired) and either memorize, or remote view any suit called for over and over again to the decks completion. (Can even be done blindfolded.)


2018 / 6 / 18

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Jamy Ian Swiss Book Reviews

Jamy Ian Swiss Book Reviews by Jamy Ian SwissUnless you have been hiding in the basement for the last decade, you know Jamy Ian Swiss has been writing insightful, well written, educational, funny, and opinionated book reviews for Genii magazine. Swiss, soon to begin his ninth year of book criticism, began reviewing books for Genii in June of 1994.

Now you can own the complete collection of book reviews, from 1994 through 2001, in one convenient ebook. In addition to 217 reviews, you’ll receive "A Millennium of Magic Literature," a special, comprehensive feature Swiss wrote for the January 2001 millennium issue of Genii, as well as an introduction...

2005 / 9 / 9

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