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Alan Rorrison

Alan grew up in a small town at the west of Scotland Called Port Glasgow. He discovered magic at a very young age and loved this new, secret world he was now a part of. Sadly his teenage years hit and the young man was pulled away from magic with the typical hobbies and distractions, sports, girls and so on. A few years later Alan found himself bitten by the magic bug again and progressed into the art rapidly by learning all he could get his hands on and creating as much as he could along the way.

Alan started to get work in all the bars, pubs and clubs in his local area which was ideal to test all he had created in front of live audiences. As the gigs started to become further away Alan started to create a large online fan base in the magic community who loved Alan’s direct approach to each effect he tackled. A few tutorial downloads where released from Alan’s own site which received instant acclaim by critics and led to the bigger companies noticing Alan’s work in the art.

A few years had passed and Alan had held a residency at a local bar called "Oscars Along" with working a long string of events for Flash back Disco, The Port Glasgow Juniors Football Club, Yates and The solid Rock to name but a few.

Dave Forrest and Alan entered into talks about a few effects and then the guys at Big Blind media fell into the mix.

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Alan Rorrison

Trick Tac by Alan RorrisonThree sweet effects that pack small but play big.

Trick Tac is a simple routine in nature that packs a big punch. You introduce a packet of tictacs, then you ask the spectator to pour some of the mints out into their open hand but restrict how many they take from your view. What ever they do, they MUST NOT allow you to see in their hand. The spectator keeps this in mind and keeps every single tictac they have taken in a tight fist. However, you are able to tell them EXACTLY how many they have in there down to the last mint!

  • No gimmicks are used what so ever.
  • Get the right answer 100%...
2009 / 2 / 13

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Alan Rorrison

Turn Left and Hoff by Alan RorrisonThis is Alan Rorrison's solution to the Hofzinser Ace Problem.

A spectator freely chooses any card and signs it. The card is put face down between the two Jokers and these three cards (Jokers and spectator selection) are tabled. Then the spectator or another spectator selects four random cards from the face down spread. Magically the four chosen cards are the four aces. The ace with the same color as the spectator's card vanishes and reappears between the Jokers. The signed spectator selection is now found among the three remaining aces.

Alan has engineered his method to not require any difficult...

2009 / 7 / 19

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