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Ali Foroutan

Ali Foroutan

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Ali Foroutan is a mentalist and hypnotist from Iran. Creator of Voiceless and I Miss Charlotte.

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Ali Foroutan

Voiceless by Ali Foroutan
"A fascinating, practical new technique for deciphering people's thoughts without them even saying a word. I love it! And all mentalists need to learn it." - Dan Harlan

"What a wonderful entertaining way to perform a horoscope divination. I was captivated by the entire presentation, the principle is wonderful, and I'm looking forward to using it." - Richard Webster

"When I watched Voiceless demonstrated by Ali I was baffled. When I read the book It opened a whole world of possibilities. This is something you want to keep in your arsenal of knowledge and pull it out when you need. Great for virtual or real in...

2020 / 12 / 27

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Ali Foroutan

I Miss Charlotte by Ali ForoutanIn I Miss Charlotte Ali Foroutan shares 5 routines, ideas, some new principles and techniques to divine your spectators thoughts with no props. Some of these will use a pen and paper but your spectator never writes anything down. What makes this release different to the rest? In this ebook you will learn new ways on how to know what letter someone is thinking of with no props whatsoever. You will learn how to divine thought of words with basically no process at all. And yes, most of these principles and routines are 100% sure fire.
"I just read the first effect, Charlotte's mind. This is...
2020 / 10 / 9

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