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Angelo J. Lewis of the Chancery Bar

by Thomas A. Sawyer
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Angelo J. Lewis of the Chancery Bar by Thomas A. Sawyer

This is the first digital-edition of Thomas A. Sawyer's Angelo J. Lewis of the Chancery Bar. The first printing was a softcover printed book, published in 2016. That printing consisted of fewer than 100 copies, so the book is not in wide circulation.

It is well known that Professor Hoffmann was a barrister, but details relating to his law practice are not generally known. This ebook delves into that topic and related topics. As Sawyer says in his Preface to the book:

"Angelo Lewis's specific activities as a barrister have received almost no recognition at all in magic histories. Typically writers do mention that he was a barrister. Also, writers frequently connect his selection of his pen name of Professor Hoffmann with his desire to keep his conjuring activities largely separate from his activities as a barrister. But nothing is ever said as to the nature of his law practice, and I suspect that few people know with any precision the length of the period of his practice. I hope that the present work will to some degree remedy this situation."

The book also touches on Hoffmann's work for periodicals. Again, from Sawyer's preface:

"Lewis's real forte, or at least that area of literature in which his brilliance was most discernible, was the short story. In a few cases, Lewis wrote stories which (based on the frequency and place of reprinting) came close to breaking through as classics. In this category would probably be works such as "Christmas With the Baron," "My Big Fish," and "The Wrong Black Bag." And, of course, his "Better Than Victory" won a prize offered by The Youth's Companion in 1885, though the only reprinting of that of which I am aware was in Pick-Me-Up in 1888."

Sawyer goes on to say:

"In keeping with the foregoing, a few of the illustrations in the present work deal with a small number of examples of Lewis's short stories from the period of his law practice. Those stories are "Over the Snow" (1865), "Purged in the Fire" (1870), and "My First Client" (1876), although for the last-named story, the image herein shows an extract from the reprinting of that story in Pick-Me-Up."

The book contains 14 chapters. The list of contents (see below) gives a more detailed overview of its contents.

  • CHAPTER 1 Conjuring versus Law
  • CHAPTER 2 Angelo Lewis's Education
  • CHAPTER 3 Angelo Lewis's Call to the Bar
  • CHAPTER 4 Locations of Angelo Lewis's Chambers
  • CHAPTER 5 The Period of Angelo Lewis's Practice
  • CHAPTER 6 The Subject Areas of Angelo Lewis's Practice
  • CHAPTER 7 Angelo Lewis and the Privy Council
  • CHAPTER 8 Other Cases in Which Angelo Lewis Participated
  • CHAPTER 9 On the "Indian Law Manuals"
  • CHAPTER 10 On Specific Copies of the "Indian Law Manuals"
  • CHAPTER 11 Angelo Lewis's Legal Family
  • CHAPTER 12 On "My First Client" and "My Big Fish"
  • CHAPTER 13 Thinking More Deeply About History
  • CHAPTER 14 Angelo Lewis's Son, Leonard Avery Lewis
  • Title page of The Indian Penal Code
  • First page of Preface to The Indian Penal Code
  • Second page of Preface to The Indian Penal Code
  • Front cover of Mahatma, July 1900
  • Front cover of The Indian Penal Code
  • Front cover of The Code of Civil Procedure
  • Advertisement for the "Indian Law Manuals"
  • Page from Wm. H. Allen & Co. catalog
  • Advertisement placed by Angelo Lewis (room rental)
  • Advertisement placed by Angelo Lewis (law classes)
  • Front cover of London Society, September 1863
  • First page of "Over the Snow"
  • Front cover of English Society, Christmas Number for 1870
  • First page of "Purged in the Fire"
  • Conclusion of "My First Client"
1st edition 2016, 1st digital edition 2019, 94 pages, including 15 pages with images.
word count: 14222 which is equivalent to 56 standard pages of text
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