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Introducing Avik, a 28 year old mentalist from India. Avik serves as a Database Architect by profession during daytime, but after sunset, the mentalist inside him wakes up. Avik started with sleight-of-hand magic with pasteboards and silverdust when he was studying at University. Just like a thousand other beginners, he studied a lot about magic, performed a lot for his friends and colleagues, and had the occasional gig. However, as he is growing older day by day (who isn't?), he decided to give the more pure form of entertainment, mentalism, a go, and loves to picture himself as a serious thinker, with lots of crazy ideas. He loves mentalism, though the good old sleight-of-hand magic is something he cherishes even now.

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Avik Dutta

Confession: The Ultimate Truth/Lie Divination test by Avik DuttaConfession

Have you ever thought seriously about lying? How about catching someone every time they lie? Though this is a bit far-fetched (You'd be considered Superman if you could), offering a serious demo to your viewers wouldn't be that far-fetched. With the New Confession Principle, you can catch just about anyone lying. Introducing a brand new principle in mentalism, with tons of applications, Confession by Avik accomplishes just what the name suggests; let them lie, but the truth behind that will be clear as daylight to you, as if they were confessing their lies. The ultimate Truth/Lie...

2013 / 5 / 7

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Avik Dutta

Oblivion by Avik DuttaEver wanted to read minds of others in a hassle-free way? There have been hundreds of excellent methods in existence for extracting thoughts from people's minds. Mentalists have been "nailing" the thoughts of others, "tearing" into others' brains, having a "peek" into peoples' minds for a long time now. Imagine what it would be like if there's no need to resort to such methods. Imagine what it would be like if you are looking for the information just where you need to look? Here's something revolutionary for you.

Imagine requesting a spectator to take part in a demonstration on Thought Projection....

2013 / 6 / 2

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Avik Dutta

The Vortex Principle: and other madnesses by Avik DuttaFresh from the success of his Confession and Oblivion manuscripts, Avik is back, this time with a short treatise on cards.

The star of this show is his 'Vortex principle' - a method for covertly spotting and controlling multiple cards from a fairly shuffled deck. One could describe it as a 'control in stages', because it is not one single movement you do to control a card. It is something you do while you casually shuffle your cards.

Next, comes an effect called "Any Card at Any Name", which employs an age-old principle to powerful effect.

The central section of the manuscript details 'The Narcissus...

2013 / 8 / 10

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