Card Designer


The Card Designer is currently unavailalbe because we are planning to completely revamp it. It was developed many years ago with technology that is outdated today. Unfortunately we cannot tell you when the new version will go live. This can take months, maybe years. For the time being we suggest you use regular image editing software to create your playing cards. Starting from our standard American card faces you can quickly create any special design you want to creat. A good and free software to use with these vector designs is Inkscape.


  1. Template Selection: Select a template. The custom template allows one to define card width and height enabling one to design anything from mini-cards, tarot cards all the way to jumbo cards.
  2. Card selection: Click on any card and you will be able to edit front and back.
  3. Edit Card: The basic idea is to select two cards, say the 2-of-Clubs and the King-of-Hearts, and mix them in different mixing patterns like a horizontal split face, or a diagonal split face, or a number of other ways to create a gaffed card. You can also
    • Change the colors of each card including the background color by clicking on the 'Color' tab on the top.
    • Add Text on top of your design by clicking on the 'T' button.
    • Upload your own image or design to use instead of the card faces and backs provided.
  4. Saving: Either save front and back of this particular card with the 'Save' button or save it to all cards on the sheet with 'Save for all'.
  5. Exporting: Once you have all cards designed you select the resolution of the image that will be generated and then you click the Export button. For 75dpi the image will be ready in less than one minute. For 150dpi it will take about 3 minutes. And for 240dpi it can easily take 7 minutes or more. Once you see the download link click it. Wait for the image to load into your browser, then right click on the image and 'save as' to your computer.