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Carol A. Strickland

Although born in a small town in Illinois noted for its Nineteenth Century demonic possession cases, Carol A. Strickland claims that all those voices inside her head are a result of having stories to tell and books to write. Even so, her strange devotion to and study of Wonder Woman would seem to indicate an abby-normal brain.

It was the sudden realization that her first novel was a romance and not just f/sf that prompted her to join Romance Writers of America. Their various workshops and mentoring programs have helped her get this far. She also keeps the requisite number of cats that Marion Zimmer Bradley declared a fantasy author needed to write well.

A one-time comics letterhack and now an outspoken member of various comics message boards, Carol has found herself the basis for two comic book villains (at times her opinions have not been taken well by the books’ creators) (both villains were soundly thrashed) (and both, for some perverse reason, were male), had one superhero wear her costume design... and she knows that Brad Pitt is eight years and two days younger than she. Sigh.

She wants to write like her favorite authors: to be able to portray the honest emotion and surprises that you find in Julia Quinn; to be bold and funny as Jenny Crusie; to find the multi-layered imagination and heart that Lois McMaster Bujold uses; and to enjoy the sales success of Janet Evanovich.

Carol has also become an award-winning painter from her home in North Carolina. She exercises this skill in her secondary hours (both of them) along with writing as she waits for the lottery to free her 9-to-5 time to more fulfilling pursuits.

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Wednesday 12 December, 2018
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