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David Devant

(22nd February 1868 - 13th October 1941)

Born in Highgate, London, England. Stage name since 1885 of David Wighton, son of Scottish landscape artist James Wighton. Learned around age 15 from a book. Debut in 1885. Pro illusionist and manipulator. In 1905 taken on as partner by J. N. Maskelyne. First president of The Magic Circle 1905-06. Gave Royal Command Performances 1912 and 1913. Left partnership with Maskelyne in 1915 to go on own. Teacher of Arthur Ainslie, etc. In 1920 retired from stage by illness (paralysis agitans) but continued as writer and teacher.

Prolific inventor, including "Artist's Dream" (1893), perhaps "Color Change" (1893), the "Vest Servante" (around 1893), "Birth of Flora" (1895), "Mascot Moth" (1905), and "Vanishing Motorcycle" (1913).

Coauthors: Nevil Maskelyne

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Nevil Maskelyne & David Devant

Our Magic by Nevil Maskelyne & David DevantTwo things are noteworthy. One, it is a must read book for magic theory interested. Two, it has a 20 page biographical index of card tricks. This includes sleights as well. Anybody doing research on card moves or routines should have this index. It makes searching a lot easier. And this index might point you to interesting books you have not heard about or which are not in your possession. This book was rated one of the ten basic books for a working library of conjuring by H. Adrian Smith, historian, collector and owner of the largest private magic library in his time. Other books in this top 10 list are ...
2005 / 9 / 7

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David Devant

Woes of a Wizard by David DevantWoes of a Wizard was written by David Devant before he was partner to J. N. Maskelyne in his famous Egyptian Hall in London. Devant became a partner after George Cooke, Maskelyne's former partner had left the enterprise. Devant was a natural choice as he was fast becoming the top magician in England. But at the time of this publication he was, as Paul Daniels says, "a jobbing magician." His base was just outside London, and he traveled the country repeatedly giving shows for society and in the Music Hall. In his famous book, now happily made available once again, he relates the stories that every professional...
2010 / 1 / 14

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David Devant

Lessons in Conjuring by David DevantThis is an obscure but extremely fine lesson in conjuring. It is true that it was written as an introduction for the neophyte, but it is a gem of a book of great value to absolutely anyone regardless of their experience.

The text is very modest - no 'latest novelty' or 'top secret'. Just solid sensible counsel about standard, albeit classic, items from Devant's repertoire. Devant is not simply saying what you might want to hear, he is telling you what he has found to be important. He is treating you the way he would treat a private student. For a book this is quite unusual. Most authors hold...

2010 / 1 / 17

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David Devant

Tricks For Everyone by David DevantClever conjuring with common objects. Illustrated with 134 photographs.

From the introduction:

The following chapters will be found to be practical lessons in conjuring. Many people have the erroneous idea that if they know how a trick is done they are quite capable of presenting it to an audience. I have always found that a very little experience will show such persons that the mere knowledge of the secret of a trick is not of much value to a beginner unless it is accompanied by some simple instructions showing him the best way of using his knowledge. Therefore, I shall not merely give...
2018 / 11 / 13

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