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by Raphaël Czaja
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DIYCAAN by Raphaël Czaja

From the creator of SCAMP, ACOCAVAN and 2D-ACAIN comes a fresh, original and effortless take on the Any Card At Any Number plot. It uses ordinary cards and can be performed hands-off (anyone can deal the cards at the end instead of the magician). Best of all, an impromptu version is also explained.

The magician introduces his performance by claiming: "The secret for this effect to be a success is for you to be both instinctive and lucky. I will guide you but just keep in mind that one card more or one card less will make all the difference."

The spectator cuts off the deck and silently counts his cards to determine a secret number. Then, he divides the deck in three, selects two cards from the middle portion and combines them to create an imaginary card. Finally, he gathers the deck.

The magician recapitulates: "Nobody could have predicted how many cards you would cut to get your number. Or how many cards would be found in each pile... This is more than a prediction effect. This is a coincidence effect - that has been in your hands from the start."

The magician deals the cards one by one until the spectator stops him at his secret number. Amazingly, the card at the number is turned over and revealed to be the thought-of card!

"Superb magic!" - Joe Caracciolo

1st edition 2017, 8 pages.
word count: 2136 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text

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