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Fabrizio Macagno

Fabrizio Macagno

Fabrizio Macagno (Ph.D. in Linguistics, UCSC, Milan, 2003) works as a researcher and auxiliary professor at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. His current research is focused on the persuasive use of emotive language and on the dialectical dimension of discourse implicitness, which he is applying to the fields of education, law, and political speeches. He is author of several papers on definition, informal fallacies, argumentation schemes, and dialogue theory published on major international peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Pragmatics, Science and Education, Argumentation, Philosophy and Rhetoric, Informal Logic, and Pragmatics and Cognition. His most important publications include the books Argumentation Schemes (CUP 2008) and Emotive language in argumentation (CUP 2014).


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