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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I view zipped product files on iPad/iPhone and other mobile devices?

    If you do not know how to download and open a zip file on your mobile device we have the following suggestions:

    1. Install an app on your device that can unzip files such as Kpressor, Zipped, ...
    2. Or download the zip file to your desktop/laptop, unzip there, and then sync the unzipped files to your mobile device.
    3. Or use the mobile login (see FAQ 10). From that login you can directly step into zipped files.

  2. What does customer rank, for example +3 -1, mean?

    Customers can rank their purchases on a three point scale (+ / 0 / -). A + is for products they really liked, products they would recommend to family and friends. A - is for products they did not like, and thus products they could not recommend. And 0 is for products that were adequate and had no big surprises on the plus or minus side.

    We add up all the pluses and all the minuses for each product and display it as customer rank. For example, a "+3 -1" rank means that three customers really liked the product, one didn't like it, and the rest thought it was adequate. (We do not show the count for the 0 rank.)

    Products can be ranked on the digital shelf.

  3. Where are my download links? (and other download problems)

    Login to your account. Under the heading "Downloads & Orders Overview" click on the "view" button on the far right to view your order. When you view your order the underlined ebook titles are your download links. You can also find all your ebooks and download links in alphabetical order in the digital-shelf.

    If clicking on the download link does not seem to work (screen stays blank or black for a very long time) you can also right-click on the download link and then select 'save as', 'save target as' or 'save link as'. [For Mac users: You can also try to ALT-mouse-click which should automatically save the file to your hard disc, or CTRL-mouse-click which will open a context menu where you can select "Download Linked File As...".]

    If you use Firefox and you do 'right-click save-target-as' the suggested filename will be 'download.php'. Change this to a filename with extension .pdf if you download a PDF, or .zip if you download zip file etc. (Unfortunately Firefox does not query the server for the filename but guesses it based on the webpage name, which of course can be entirely different.)

  4. Login problems

    If you forgot your password or somehow cannot login to your Lybrary account we recommend to first try to reset your password. Request a password reset link. This reset link will be emailed to you. (You can do that from the login page. Follow the 'Forgot your password?' link.)

    Some users do not receive this password reset email. If that happens to you check your Junk and Spam folders. If the email is not there then whitelist the email address, and request a new reset link. (All email service providers have some way to whitelist an email address. On old MSN.COM accounts it is called "Add to VIP list". In AOL you have to add to your contacts.)

    If you did receive the password reset link email, clicked on the link, set a new password, and still can't login with your new password then try to close your browser, start it again, and try to login again. If you have a different browser available on your system, try to login with a different browser.

  5. What is your Adobe Vendor ID?

    When you authorize Adobe Digital Editions (an ebook viewing software you will need for our DRM-PDF and DRM-EPUB ebooks) it will ask you for a Vendor ID. Select in that drop down box "Adobe ID" and insert your personal Adobe ID credentials.

  6. Viewing PDFs on Mac

    Some of our PDFs need AcrobatReader to display correctly on a Mac. The Mac built in PDF viewer can have problems with larger PDFs. I don't know what upsets the native Mac PDF viewer. This happens for example for Orson Welles: The Man Who Was Magic.

  7. What is the difference of the various formats PDF, PDF_facsimile, ...?

    We support PDF and EPUB ebook formats. Most of our ebooks are PDF. PDF ebooks are typically displayed with AcrobatReader, a free PDF reader provided by Adobe, or a number of other PDF viewers.

    • PDF: This is an unprotected unencrypted PDF. We prefer this format because it gives you the largest amount of flexibility. You can print these ebooks and you can back them up as often as you wish. Please do not abuse this freedom to make copies for your friends or worse, sell these copies.
    • PDF_facsimile: This is an unprotected unencrypted PDF, like the PDF format above, but it was created differently. A PDF_facsimile ebook is a scan (image) of each page of the original book plus searchable text invisible behind these page images. The ebook preserves the look of the original book (typically an old out of print book or journal) but still allows you to perform a full text search. We use this format primarily for old journals to preserve some of their charm. The resulting files can get quite large.
    • EPUB: This is an ebook format. Essentially it is HTML compressed in a zip file. While it is a fairly popular and supported format we and most our customers prefer PDF.
    • JPEG: This is an image format. Very few of our products are purely a collection of JPEGs.
    • MP3: This is an audio format you can play back on your computer, your iPod or any other MP3 player.
    • MP4: This is a video format that has become a very popular standard and it is supported by pretty much all platforms.

    These ebook formats can sometimes come in bundles as in PDF & EPUB. This means that you will get both a PDF version and a EPUB version of the same ebook. The ebook format is followed by either 'by download' or 'on disc', the former indicating that you download these ebooks and the latter that you will receive a disc with the ebook on it.

  8. How to mount CDs on Linux

    You can also access our discs from Linux. The only thing you have to be careful is how you mount the CD:

    mount -t iso9660 -o check=relaxed -o ro DEVICE MOUNTPOINT

    The -t iso9660 specifies the type of filesystem (many of our CDs are in iso9660), -o check=relaxed says to convert a filename to lowercase before looking it up, -o ro is for read only access, DEVICE and MOUNTPOINT are, respectively, your device and mount point.

  9. How to check and deactivate authorization in Adobe Digital Editions

    To check your AdobeID in Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) click on Library->Authorize Computer...
    You should see your email address which is your AdobeID.

    If for whatever reason you authorized with the wrong email address you can deactivate the authorization and re-authorize.

    1. Launch Digital Editions
    2. Enter the key-combination of <CTRL><SHIFT>D (<CMD><SHIFT>D on Mac OS)
    3. At the dialog, confirm that you wish to de-activate the machine
    4. Quit Digital Editions
    5. Relaunch ADE and you will be prompted to enter your AdobeID

    If this does not work you can try to delete ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Digital Editions/activation.dat then restart ADE and re-authorise the computer.

  10. How to login from an iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices, and how to install an app

    First make sure you have Javascript turned on in your iPhone's Safari webbrowser. (Settings/Safari/Javascript needs to be on.) Browse with Safari web browser from your iPhone to, or if you want your login (your email address) already pre-populated then use

    Once you are logged into your Lybrary account with your iPhone you can install any app you have bought. You will see the number of apps bought in the brackets next to "App". Below you see an example of a customer with one iPhone app. Click on "App" and you will get a list of your apps. In this case here the customer has one app named "Dracula Ebook Test".

    install app figure 1 install app figure 2

    Click on "Dracula Ebook Test" to install it. You will see the title screen of the app (after some loading time) shown on the left below. Here we need you to press the "+" as shown by the arrow. For iOS 4.2 and later the plus-icon has been replaced with this iphone add icon. When you press this you will be given three options. We would like you to select the "Add to Home Screen" option as shown below in the center. The next screen will ask you to name the app. There is typically some preset but you can give it any name you like. Then press the "ADD" button as indicated below in the right screen shot.

    install app figure 3
    install app figure 4 install app figure 5

  11. What payment options do you provide?

    We accept most credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover), Paypal, bitcoin, checks, money-orders, and even cash. However if you decide to send cash (please only send USD) we are not responsible for a lost envelope or package. We have over the years received a few cash payments and everything went fine, but it is a significant risk to send cash and you the customer will have to bear that risk. If you send a check or money-order there will be a delay in the processing of your order. We have to wait until the funds clear and then we can process your order. This can take up to 10 business days from the time we receive your check.

  12. How to view videos and download DVDs on iPad and iPhone?

    Besides downloading your video and DVD purchases to your computer you can also view them in a streaming version using your iPad or iPhone. You do this by logging into your 'mobile digital shelf'. Browse with Safari web browser from your iPad or iPhone to, or if you want your login (your email address) already pre-populated then use (I suggest you add this website to your home screen, or bookmark it so that you can find it quickly.) Use the same login credentials as you use for your account.

    Once logged in you will see four categories: Audio, Video, Ebook, App. Your purchases at are grouped into these four groups. If you wanted to view one of the download DVDs you have purchased you would click on the Video category. This will show you an alphabetical list of all your video purchases. You then select the title you want to view and it will start playing. If it is a title that consists of several clips you will get to a list of clips where you can choose the one you want to view. Click on it and it will start playing on your iPad or iPhone.

  13. How do I sell my ebook on

    The first step is to send us your ebook so that we can decide if we want to offer your ebook. (You will find an email address on our contact us page.) This might sound a bit pretentious but we are not who lists just any garbage they receive in their slush pile of millions of ebooks. We accept ebooks in any subject category but are primarily interested in magic (sleight-of-hand, illusions, mentalism, ...), gambling (poker, blackjack, roulette, ...) and games (chess, bridge, ...).

    Should we like your ebook we will get back to you with an offer that depends on the level of exclusivity you are willing to extend to us. If you are willing to sell your ebook exclusively through then we can pay a higher royalty. If you want a non-exclusive retail agreement then royalties will be lower.

    Royalties are paid via Paypal whenever you want without any minimums or other limitations. You can transfer outstanding royalties whenever you like with a simple press of a button. (We do not charge any fees on your royalty payments, but Paypal will charge you a fee.)

    Additionally, as a royalty receiving author, you can purchase anything at at a 10% discount with your earned royalties. During checkout you will see a new 'pay with royalties' payment option. For many of our authors this is a very welcome benefit.

  14. Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes, we do. Details can be found in your account under 'Affiliate Earnings', which is the last link under the 'My Account' subheading in your Lybrary customer account. Briefly, every customer is by default enabled to be an affiliate. No separate registration beside a customer account registration is necessary. Affiliate earnings can either be cashed out via Paypal or can be used to purchase anything at at a 10% discount.

  15. How do I claim and edit my author page?

    You claim an author page by:

    1. Log into your account.
    2. Navigate to your author page. You can do this for example by typing your name into the search box on the top of any page on and press on the blue Author search button. Alternatively you can go to a product page of one of your ebooks and then click on the underlined author name.
    3. On your author page you will find a blue "claim this author profile" button. Click it.

    (If you do not have a Lybrary customer account go to the login page and look for the blue "Create Account" button.) You can only claim one author profile per customer account. Once you claimed one you cannot unclaim it. If you made an error you will need to contact us.

    Once you have claimed an author page you can edit it and submit your changes. You can edit your author page from two places. Either navigate again to your author page, while logged into your Lybrary account, and look for the blue "edit author profile" button. Or while you are on your account page look for the "Author Profile" link and click it. Make your changes and press the red "Save & Continue" button. This will submit your changes to us. The changes will not immediately go live. We will review them, make any necessary corrections, and then put your page online. This review process will take some time. We aim to have it processed under one week, but sometimes it can take longer.

If there are any unresolved questions or any comments you want to share, please contact us.

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