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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I view zipped product files on iPad/iPhone and other mobile devices?
  2. What does customer rank, for example +3 -1, mean?
  3. Where are my download links? (and other download problems)
  4. How do I view my HTML ebooks?
  5. What is your Adobe Vendor ID?
  6. Viewing PDFs on Mac
  7. What is the difference of the various formats PDF, PDF_facsimile, ...?
  8. How to mount CDs on Linux
  9. How to check and deactivate authorization in Adobe Digital Editions
  10. How to login from an iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices, and how to install an app
  11. What payment options do you provide?
  12. How to view videos and download DVDs on iPad and iPhone?
  13. How do I sell my ebook on
  14. Do you have an affiliate program?
  15. How do I claim and edit my author page?

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