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Fate, Free Will and Influence: Chair Test

by Steve Pellegrino

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Fate, Free Will and Influence: Chair Test by Steve Pellegrino

Fate, Free Will & Influence is one of the most amazing, customizable, and practical chair tests you can perform. Steve Pellegrino has developed this routine over many performances during the past seven years. It's a solid mystery you will add to your show.

An audience member holds a prediction. Then, four spectators are randomly selected to come up on stage and choose any chair to sit on. Next, you show six envelopes, and it's explained that each envelope contains either a black card or a white card - there are three of each.

One at a time, the spectators choose which envelope they want. Now the spectators are given the choice of changing chairs and changing envelopes. It's their decision.

There are two envelopes left on the table. You open these to reveal two black cards.

The first spectator opens their envelope, and they have a white card.

The second spectator shows they have a white card.

The third spectator has a black card.

The fourth spectator has the last white card.

You point out that this could have worked out in any number of ways. The spectator who has had the prediction from the beginning reads it, and of course, it matches what has just happened on stage.

But you take it one step further. Pointing out that the spectators could have sat anywhere and randomly exchanged envelopes, you ask if it was fate, free will, or influence that the decisions they made have brought them to this moment. Finally, the spectators stand up, and on the back of the chairs are large cards that match the color order of the cards in the envelopes.

This routine has two powerful applause moments.

The spectators make all the decisions with the envelopes.

There is no dual reality, switches, wallets that come into play.

The manuscript comes with two routines - Fate, Free Will & Influence, and This, That & The Other. As part of this newly revised manuscript, another routine, "Red or White?" a wine-themed presentation with a unique ending, is now included. There are ideas throughout the manuscript to show you how to customize the routine to fit your style. Then, you can assemble everything in under an hour for about $20 and one trip to the office supply store.

A Bonus - The Kurotsuke Pass Over is also included.

Max Maven's routine Kurotsuke is a classic mentalism routine. Steve has added another layer of deception to the stones' selection process, which he felt was missing in the original version. Please note this is not the entire routine. The Kurotsuke Pass Over is a bonus for those who are already doing it and want to make the selection of the stones more deceptive.

1st edition 2014, updated 2021, PDF 22 pages.
word count: 5615 which is equivalent to 22 standard pages of text

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Reviewed by Don Bursell (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 12 September, 2019

Excellent! This is the type of purchase I’m really glad I made.

Steve takes a technique by another mentalist, and simplifies it down in a way that makes real sense to the participants and audience.

Also, the reveals come in layers, all concealing the previous reveals in the methodology.

I have used this routine, and have enjoyed the response it receives.

Worth every penny!