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Faustina Anyanwu

Faustina Anyanwu

Faustina an amazing and optimistic writer, poet, lyricsts, she is a woman that knows no hindrance. She knows exactly what she wants and goes just for it. A Nurse/Midwife turned Author, blogger, poet, publisher, PR guru, Co founder and chief editor of the first and only Black creative magazine - C.Hub magazine.

From a very early age she started writing and been fascinated by academics and anything that had to do with writing. Her poem became a sensation in Nigeria and was published in two major national magazines.

A natural born story teller. As she recalls, 'When I was like 6 years, I used to tell unending made up folk stories to my siblings and friends and they will giggle and laugh. If they prompt me at any time, I would only need them to remind me of the last word I said and I will continue the story again. It was so fascinating for them how I could make up such interesting stories then'. As she grew older, her storytelling abilities shifted from spoken words to written words. She would wake up and stay up all night writing poems and quotes that she says just do come on their own. One thing about Faustina, she never takes anything so seriously yet she finds a way to keep focused on what she wants. When she started blogging after years as stay home mum, she found out that ideas were flooding and over flowing in her mind. Then she created even more and more blogs, and finally the magazine. She says, I am driven by my quest to be relevant to life that I live. To inspire as I am inspired and to make any change that I can in the world. I don't want to leave this world without marking my own mark no matter how little." 

Faustina's poems have been read in most prestigious events in the UK including Her children's book Witch Kentu had a horrible day has long been described as Children's favourite by mothers and children's experts. 

She continues to push beyond her borders, as a self motivated woman, she is not showing any sign of stopping. She has gone on to create a woman's focused PR and creative agency to help women in business and entertainment to tell their stories and embrace the media as a powerful source of adding value to their brand. 

Faustina's caring and happy nature is what oozes as she radiates warmth and smiles on people who come across her. She strongly holds a believe that the only thing we can do as long as we live is to work, love, pray and be happy. 

She is blessed with 3 lovely girls whom she adores so much and fills much of her time with. Her books and writings have been dedicated to her beautiful daughters. She lives happily with her kids and husband in London UK.


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Tuesday 11 December, 2018
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