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I was born on February 14th 1985 in a small town of Gabon called Mayumba. Gabon is a small country of Central Africa. it is a French speaking country. Yet, I am an autodidact. I learned English on my own. I started to learn it when I was 11. I was in primary school. I am young Leader. Indeed, I'm President and Founder of an NGO, NGO ENGLISH FOR TOURISM IN GABON- NGO E.T.G.

I have got A. Level Certificate in Lirerature and Languages. At University I studied mainly English at the University of Gabon, Omar Bongo University. So, I have got a Bachelor Degree in English. Currently, I am attending a Master's Degree in Tourism as a tourist site promoter, year 2.

I have written the Book, English Club Guide Book because, my country has adopted English as the second administrative language. So, this book aims at reorganizing English club so that everyone can become bilingual by attending its activities. Moreover, it is designed for autodidact as well.

Currently, I have been writing a new book, but in French. the book is almost ready to print. I have a small family that I love dearly. My hobbies: sport, reading, writing, traveling and music. Of course, I do R.A.P music as well.

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Sunday 09 December, 2018
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