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Sudoku (meaning "single number" in Japanese) is a logic-based number placement puzzle which became an international hit in 2005. The objective of the game is simple: the player has to fill the 9x9 grid with different digits so that there are no repetitions in every row or column, and each 3x3 sub-grid must contain the digits 1 to 9. The puzzles are usually partially completed, leaving the player to figure out the unique solution. Although simple, Sudoku challenges the mind, utilizing logic and deduction. It transcends cultures in that all you have to understand are the digits 1 to 9, whereas similar games like Crosswords requires cultural knowledge of trivia. Sudoku is the perfect game for killing time, especially when alone. Although not meant to be a social game, completing Sudoku puzzles with a friend or two - or even challenging each other's completion times - is beyond fun, giving you and your friends a challenging, yet entertaining game. The following ebooks will provide you with strategies and an endless supply of Sudoku puzzles that will bound to develop your logical sense.

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