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Harry Stanley

Harry Stanley

(Britain: c1905 - 20th September 1991)

Pro magician, dealer and publisher in London (Unique Magic Studio) from 1946 until he retired in 1970. Was the first to sell silent films with magic instructions to magicians.

Coauthors: Lewis Ganson

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Harry Stanley

Tricks of the Television Stars by Harry StanleyThis ebook, fully illustrated, gives the secrets of the television star's favourite tricks and novelties: magic, hypnotism, laugh stunts - that anyone can perform.

This is a fun ebook with lots of easy effects, some of which you will know others of which will be entirely new to you. The lineup of contributors is a long list of distinguished magicians including Martin Gardner, Lewis Ganson, Tom Sellers, Milbourne Christopher, Ken de Courcy, Harry Stanley, and many others.

original 48 pages, PDF 75 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Contents
  3. Bits & Pieces
  4. Stuntrix
  5. New Leaf
  6. Comedy Levitation
  7. Coins through the Table
  8. The Animated Mouse
  9. Silk To Matchbox ...
2010 / 3 / 31

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Harry Stanley & Lewis Ganson

The Gen by Harry Stanley & Lewis GansonThe Gen magazine was published by Harry Stanley just after the war. The first issue came out in December 1945. The magazine was published for 26 years with 303 issues covering a total of 8,685 pages. Lewis Ganson, one of the greatest British magical writers ever, was the editor until the magazine changed hands in 1971. It continued under the editorship of Val Andrews for a further two issues as the New Gen.

Virtually every known name in the world of post-war magic made a contribution to the Gen or was featured in its columns. Ken Brooke, for example, contributed 27 items and even the final issue, under...

2009 / 1 / 22

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