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Holiday Predictions

by Maurice Janssen
#3 Mentalism & Spiritism author
#3 [with Demo Video] author
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Holiday Predictions by Maurice Janssen

Here is a cool, new twist on an old classic. You begin by conversing about the upcoming holidays and one of the traditions on these festive dates are the dinners. The food specifics may vary, depending on where you reside, ethnic background, etc., but they all have something in common.

You display a prediction envelope, indicating that it contains two separate predictions. Ten blank business cards have special occasions written on them. They are openly shown, mixed and dealt into two equal piles.

You display a short list with those previously mentioned common items. They select an item from the list and you both deal until you have a match. You now compare all the cards to verify your matches.

Despite all the free choices and mixing, your two predictions are 100% correct. As a bonus, you reveal a third prediction, which is also accurate.

  • perfect for Thansksgiving
  • no maths
  • no tricky moves
  • simple setup
  • envelope contains only two predictions
  • they choose which cards to use
  • alternate ESP SYMBOL version included
  • secret video link included

1st edition 2016, 5 pages + video
word count: 788 which is equivalent to 3 standard pages of text

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