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Iain Dunford

A somewhat English mentalist and reader. From a family of rum smugglers from the Isle of Wight and east-end of London tarot readers. I encourage originality and honesty in all things I create and use. From a background of music, art, and psychology. All my reading systems have been examined by trained psychologists as well as people inside the mystery arts.

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Iain Dunford

Brutishly Starlit by Iain Dunford
"Thank you Iain, for dragging readings into the 21st century." - Richard Webster
Brutishly Starlit is a compendium of my reading systems.

Tessarula - using old school ADMIT ONE style tickets that are very cheap. Or if that's not your thing, just scraps of paper or blank cards. Tessarula can also replace the tarot.

palm/tree readings - an unique take on palm reading that isn't based on palm reading whatsoever, with thoughts from Dr. Bill Cushman.

AEIOU - tell people about themselves using their names. Or use it to add depth and structure to drawings people make and far more.

thought-paths - similar to AEIOU...

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products) Pages:  1 
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