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Joe Berg

(Pinsk, Russia [now Belarus]: 13th December 1902 - 19th February 1984)

Stage name of Josef Bregman. Moved to USA in 1914. Learned magic in Chicago from Johnny Platt. Assistant to Edwin Brush around age 17. Ran magic counter in H.C. Evans and Company's retail outlet for crooked gambling devices 1924-25. Semi-pro dealer as the Princess Magic Shop in Chicago 1925-33, originally in partnership with Sam Berland and Harry Faber. Then as Berg's Magic Studio 1936-51. Moved in 1951 to Los Angeles, running an upstairs studio on Hollywood Boulevard 1952 to 1974 when retired.

A prolific inventor and improver of tricks and a master maker of trick decks. 1960 TAOM Close-up Award. 1973 AMA Creative Fellowship. 1983 AMA Masters Fellowship. His son, Ronnie Berg, worked with him in Hollywood.

Invented Bashful Queen (early 1920s), Super Wallet (1932), Rainbow Fanning Deck (1934), Ultra-Mental Deck (1936), and Atomic Mystery Deck (1953).

Wrote Here's Magic (1930, with Nelson Hahne), Berg's Private Card Problems, Here's New Magic (1937, assisted by Martin Gardner), Rough Stuff (1956, 24pp, with Al Aldini), and The Berg Book (1983, 315pp, with David Avadon and Eric Lewis). Tricks in Felsman's, Sphinx, Tarbell #5, Genii, Linking Ring, and Tops.

Coauthors: Nelson C. Hahne

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Joe Berg

Here's New Magic by Joe BergSeven years in the making! Another great book by the co-author of Here's Magic.

Magician-dealer Joe Berg reveals 23 secrets of magic that, prior to the release of this book, had never before been divulged. With the assistance of Martin Gardner, Berg reveals his best, tested tricks and routines that magicians of every ilk will put to immediate use.

Featuring killer effects such as the "Adhesive Tape Thumb-Tie" that, unlike a $25 manuscript that uses red electrician's tape, works with any tape and uses no external gimmicks. Or how about "The Magical Hatchery" — a cute effect that's a hit for club workers.


2018 / 10 / 7

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Nelson C. Hahne & Joe Berg

Here's Magic by Nelson C. Hahne & Joe BergWhen one of magic's most clever minds teams up with an award-winning magician and illustrator, you know the result will be unique effects that play strong and is so clever that even magicians are fooled. And that's what you get with Hahne and Berg's Here's Magic.

There is literally something for every performer within these 96 pages. Effects with cards, coins, silks, a gambler's monte effect using a single matchbook, club magic, a stage illusion that predates Copperfield's Statue of Liberty vanish by some 50 years (but with a similar method), mentalism effects, the award-winning poker chip...

2017 / 3 / 18

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Nelson C. Hahne & Joe Berg

Here's Magic (used) by Nelson C. Hahne & Joe BergHardcover No. 105 of 300 autographed copies. Autograph on frontispiece page by Nelson C. Hahne. For details on content see the digital edition.
2020 / 1 / 9

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