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John Timmins was born in the Lake District in 1945 towards the end of World War II, and was adopted when he was six months old. At the age of four, John moved with his adopted family to Newbury Berkshire but was orphaned by the age of 12 and then placed in the care of the local authority. When he was sent to boarding school but left with minimal qualifications. He then joined the army, before working for the Foreign Office, making frequent trips behind the Iron Curtain. John has subsequently lived in the Far East, Germany and Spain. John lives in Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom and has two grown up sons and five grandchildren.

On his return to live in the UK in 2006 John worked in childcare, but quickly became disillusioned with the way the system operated. John returned to education, graduating from the University of Wales in 2010 with a teaching degree. A major accident in his mid-40s prompted John to start to trace his birth parents, a quest that took him 25 years to reach a positive conclusion confirmed by the results of DNA testing:

Having meet numerous other adopted children, all with lifelong experiences and who wanted to answer that same age old question “Who am I” but as yet had not acquired or summoned up sufficient courage to get started on that journey. John decided that he would write his autobiography outlining his life and the occurrences that spurred him on to trace the truth about his own background and birth parents. His attempts to unlock the doors of officialdom that prevent him from learning about his true identity.

This is my first book that is aimed solely at the ‘Leisure or Pleasure’ reader. Prior to this he produced training manuals all learning based on varying subjects, produced and illustrated for a very large national training agency.

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