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Kent Gunn

I've been involved in magic since my earliest years. I worked at a few magic shops, selling tricks over the counter. The Fun Shop in Ogden Utah was the inspiration for my cups and balls routine. I also worked for MagicWorld in Denver. There were three different retail outlets in the heyday of MagicWorld, back in the '70s. I run a very small magic convention every year in the San Francisco Bay Area; The Golden Gate Gathering.

I spent the majority of my adult life riding around on submarines for the U.S. Navy. I now work in the semiconductor industry.

I'm married and have five adult children. Life is grand.

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Kent Gunn

The Fun Shop Cups and Balls by Kent GunnThe Cups and Balls done a little differently than most. This is an unusual, direct and very magical cups and balls routine. A white ball, a blue ball, and a red ball magically gather under one cup in different ways.

1st edition 2008, 36 pages, photo illustrated.

2012 / 3 / 21

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