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Kevin Schaller

Kevin Schaller is with just 16 years one of the youngest magicians in Germany. He has been interested in magic for about 5 years and has already released several of his own effects. His DVDs and ideas were available in German only but because of the positive reviews he decided to release his ideas in English too. Make sure to check out his fresh and new ideas!

Coauthors: Kyle MacNeill, Philipp Sahner

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Kevin Schaller & Philipp Sahner

Break by Kevin Schaller & Philipp SahnerBreak is a gimmick that allows you to fold a kink into a card and move it to another position. It is a real kink, you can let the spectator feel and examine before and after.
  • Real kink
  • Nothing to palm
  • Nothing taken away
  • Show the card both sides
The gimmick is easy to make, very versatile and gives you a lot of space to find your own routines and ideas. Over 15 minutes of detailed video instruction of how to make and use the gimmick.

2012 / 1 / 28

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MP4 (video)

Kevin Schaller

Duplex by Kevin SchallerDuplex is a card rising effect from the mind of Kevin Schaller. It builds and improves on an old theme which allows you to show the box from all sides as well as allows you to show the box completely empty before you insert the deck.

A freely chosen and signed card is lost into the deck and the deck is put back into the box. Without any funny moves the signed card starts to rise all the way out of the box.

The best part of the trick is that there are no threads, wires, weights, rubber bands or magnets - just the box and the deck. No forcing. No cellophane needed. Box can be shown empty...

2011 / 10 / 17

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MP4 (video)

Kevin Schaller

Encore: three easy effects by Kevin SchallerEncore by Kevin Schaller teaches you three easy to do effects with playing cards, a paperclip and a mobile phone.

MOBILE COIN - a very deceptive transposition of a signed coin and the battery of your mobile phone. It’s a very easy trick that uses no gimmicks and is almost impromptu.

SEARCH & DESTROY - A paperclip that is clipped to the card box vanishes and reappears on the selected card.

EDGY - The back and front of your prediction changes so it matches with the chosen card.

All the tricks are easy to do and don't need magnets, threads or big gimmicks. Learn three easy yet effective...

2012 / 1 / 7

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MP4 (video)

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Pages:  1 
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