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Working With A Clown by Brian T. LeesThere is something special about a magician and clown working as a team. Many years ago Mark Wilson, his assistant Nani Darnel and a clown named Rebo brought the Magic Land of Alakazam to life. It was a smash television hit. This ebook identifies the benefits of a clown/magician team. It also helps identify the ways a performance can be produced.
  • A Clown’s World
  • A Magician’s World
  • Working Together
  • Individual Segments
  • Working with Volunteers
  • Wrapping it Up

1st edition 2017, 19 pages.

2017 / 1 / 19
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How To Be A Magic Clown by Ernie KernsA fine side line for the magician, especially a kid performer. This ebook can help put you in the business, increase your income, and insure you a lot of fun. Mr. Kern, who is a magician and clown, has covered every question about becoming a clown whether you do it for fun or for profit.

Contents include: Make up, the 'come in,' two man gags, circuses and parades, clown names, wardrobe, short bits, gags, costume gags, working for children etc. It contains many photographs of working clowns so you can see how the pros make up and dress.

1st edition 1960, 1st digital edition 2013, 44 pages....

2013 / 2 / 20
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Clowning Around for Children by Jack CollinsJack Collins performed as Weedy the Clown. This ebook covers pretty much everything you need to know about clowning:
  • Make-up and Costume
  • Routines and Props
  • Competitions
  • Walk around Gags
  • Other Ways of Making Money

1st digital edition 2013, 70 pages.

2013 / 1 / 26
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Pages:  1 
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