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Knocked For Six

by Raphaël Czaja

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Knocked For Six by Raphaël Czaja

Knocked for Six is a project gathering six card tricks that are really strong yet easy to do:

  • In Case Hof Emergency: You remove the four Jacks (your 'emergency cards') from a deck and table them. A card is selected, let's say the 2H, and lost back into the deck. You concentrate and reveal that his card is the QS, and you produce it in one cut! The spectator tells you this is not his card. You wave your "emergency" packet over the deck and the Jack of the same suit as his selection, the JH, turns face up. Then, the three remaining cards are turned over: they've changed into the 2S, 2D and 2C! Finally, you reveal that the JS, JD and JC are face up in the middle of the deck with one face down card between the JS and the JD... the 2H!
  • Biddle Juice: Two cards are selected by Topper and Ramada, and lost into the pack. You place a packet of five cards, including his selection, between Topper's palms. Ramada selects an indifferent card that you place between her palms. After a magical gesture, Topper's selection disappears from his packet. One card is found reversed in the middle of the deck, but this is Ramada's selection! Topper's selection is now in Ramada's hand!
  • Triple Success: You remove the two Jokers and three indifferent cards from the deck so the spectator can't choose them. You write three predictions on your business cards. The spectator then cuts to three cards and chooses to place one of them between the Jokers, another one among the three indifferent cards and the last one is reversed into the deck. The predictions match the spectator's choices!
  • Duplications: The magician extracts a deck from its box, showing it is actually cut in half widthwise! Two spectators shuffle and cut each half and in the process, select one half card. The selections are placed face down on the table. The selections are turned over and reveal one half of a 8S and one half of the KD... It looks like it's a failure! But you turn over the box to display a prediction card stuck on its back: A card with one half of a 8S and one half of a KD!
  • The Power of Love: Two selections, representing a couple, are signed and placed face to face between two odd backed 10H, representing their love. The four cards are then tightly held by a rubberband. Explain that though they love each other, small arguments may happen and in this case, you may sleep in the same bed but back to back! After a magical gesture, without removing the rubberband, you show that the signed cards are now back to back! Yet, you also explain that they don't have to worry because love is stronger than anything and in the most beautiful love stories, two may become one. You ask the spectators to remove the rubberband so they can see by themselves that the two cards have now fused together!
  • Colorful Journey: The four aces are removed from a red backed deck. The AS is placed on top of the red deck as the three other aces are lost one by one into a blue deck. After a magical gesture, the aces disappear from the blue backed deck and reappear on top of the red deck, under the AS.
"Raphael's stuff is super cool, commercial and off-beat. Biddle Juice is fantastic. I was a bit jealous that I hadn't thought of it first!" - Cameron Francis

"The methods are very clean and uncluttered, with excellent construction throughout." - Peter Duffie

"There is some strong material in this ebook. For ten bucks, you get a lot of quality, usable material." - Scott F. Guinn

1st edition 2010; 24 pages; 23 photographs.
word count: 5830 which is equivalent to 23 standard pages of text

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