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Koran's Medallion Reminted

by Steve Pellegrino

(3 reviews, 5 customer ratings) ★★★

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Koran's Medallion Reminted by Steve Pellegrino

Koran's Medallion has amazed people for decades, but many magicians and mentalists have avoided presenting the routine because of the straightforward method. In this manuscript, Steve Pellegrino tackles those issues so you can be confident presenting the routine and maximize your audience reaction if it's currently part of your repertoire.

The effect is impressive - three random audience members call out a single number from 0 - 9, creating a random three-digit number. Next, you remove a ring box from your pocket and show that it contains an engraved medallion. Engraved on the back of the medallion is a three-digit number that matches the random numbers audience members called out.

Features include:

  • An overview of Al Koran's original handling.
  • Four techniques for the numbers to be engraved on the back of the medallion and not just 'inscribed.'
  • Finesse on handling the props, writing the numbers, and loading the medallion.
  • How to find one of the best medallions for the effect.
If you've hesitated to try this routine, this manuscript will show you techniques to get you past your concerns and help you present one of the strongest pieces of mentalism ever created.

1st edition 2014, updated 2021, PDF 14 pages.
word count: 3776 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text

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Reviewed by Don Jarrard (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 06 September, 2022

The truth. Loading the medallion is not noticed. Neither the other move. The year part makes sense. The actual engraving was so simple. No gold crayons. This used gold carbon paper a really long time ago. But it no longer exists and never should have. Why? I already have the aluminum air conditioning duct tape. The coin used and engraving was worth it. The medallion is $30 or $40 when he wrote this. Maybe $50 now. That is the only downside. But there are so many vendors and used merchandise now that you may get lucky. It is so easy. But there are more tricks using forces and so forth. I recommend this as a real performance and not around the house.

Reviewed by Ian Fernandes (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 16 July, 2022

I purchased this in 2014 and use this till today. It's as powerful as the lottery prediction if not better because of the engraving part. It's too cheap for the secret and should have cost a lot more.

Reviewed by Toby Vacher (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 17 April, 2014

Unfortunately doesn't actually teach an effect or the key methods to achieve it, and just assumed you're already aware of them. If i was, I'm sure this would be a useful booklet, but for me it was unfortunately a waste of cash.

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