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Kyle P. Merck

This multi-award winning performer has been performing professionally since 1998. His specialty was corporate and restaurant work. He has performed at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, The Irvine Improv, Downtown Disney, Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, and a number of Southern California restaurants including Dave & Busters, Cafe Tu Tu Tango, Sing Sing Karaoke Bar & Grill. His celebrity clients have included members of 98 Degrees and Christina Aguilera.

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Kyle P. Merck

A Questionable Envelope by Kyle P. MerckAn envelope is shown upon which there is a question mark. Nearly a dozen cards are removed and shown to have the names of various colors written on them. The cards are mixed and a spectator is asked to remove one. The remaining cards are put away back into the envelope. The spectator can put the card away someplace on their person. In spite of this, the performer is able give them a reading (if desired) based on the color as well as divine the color of the card selected.

Included are the complete instructions for this routine which includes Kyle's color coding system "A Question of Color",...

2016 / 1 / 22

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Kyle P. Merck

Of Cabbages and Kings by Kyle P. MerckTwelve practical effects from an award winning performer's professional repertoire.

With 42 pages and twelve effects, this ebook has something for everyone. Whether you perform Close-up, Strolling, Trade Shows or Platform shows, you are bound to find something here that you can use. Everything included is well within the ability of the average performer. Effects using sleight of hand are simple and well known sleights many of which you probably already know. Includes photos, illustrations, and even templates to create these effects yourself.

Hobo Travelers - A no palming version of the...

2015 / 10 / 29

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Kyle P. Merck

Psychic CDs by Kyle P. MerckEffect: Six compact disks representing different music genres are shown to two audience members. Each of them selects a disk in a very fair manner. The four disks that were not selected have a prediction written on them, "You will not choose me" and on the two that were selected is written, "Choose Me".

[Includes six CD labels to print out.]

1st edition 2015, 11 pages.

2015 / 10 / 29

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