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Liquid Glass

by Calvin Lauber

(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Liquid Glass by Calvin Lauber

Three original glass penetration effects.

  • Immerse - A card is freely chosen by a spectator and is then signed. It is put on top of the glass table. With almost no cover, and both hands seemingly empty, it penetrates through the table, to the other side. The card can then be handed out immediately with the spectators signature on it.
  • Sublime - A coin is borrowed and can be signed if desired. The coin is put in the magician’s hand. As the magi squeezes the coin, he claims to be heating it to extraordinary temperatures. The magician opens his hand and quickly drops the hot coin onto the glass, and it melts right through the table to the other side. Once the coin is cooled down, it can be handed out.
  • Cascade - A ring is borrowed from a spectator. It is places under the magicians hand, and his sleeves are rolled up. He then places his other hand under the table, and with a quick rubbing motion the ring pops to the other side of the table. The ring is then given back, and both hands are shown empty.
Please keep in mind that Calvin is a teenager. If you think that you can't learn anything from a sincere and dedicated teenager then this is certainly not for you. If you, as I do, enjoy following what some of these young wizards are up to, then this is your chance to find out.

1st edition 2008; 20 pages.
word count: 2877 which is equivalent to 11 standard pages of text

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