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    The Best of Pentagram Card Magic by Martin Breese    Pentagram Magazine by Peter Warlock

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The Best of Pentagram Card Magic by Martin BreeseFabulous collection of card magic culled from the pages of The Pentagram, including an excellent chapter by Graham Adams.
  • Introduction
  • George Blake's Super Speller
  • The Nonsuch Card Prediction By Francis Haxton
  • A Legacy From Jordan By Francis Haxton
  • An Ace Change By Roy Walton
  • Double Stop By Franklin V. Taylor
  • R. J. Fisher On Double Stop
  • Double-Stoppered By Ron Baillie
  • Jack Potter On Double Stop
  • Full Stop, Double Stop By Hugh A Carroll
  • A Trick With A Purpose By Wilfred Jonson
  • Turnover Change By Harry Hickson
  • The Twenty-Seventh Card By C. Dudley Whitnall
  • Improved Sure-Fire Force By C. Dudley Whitnall ...
2012 / 5 / 6
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Pentagram Magazine by Peter WarlockThe legendary Pentagram Magazine edited by Peter Warlock appeared from 1946 to 1959. It features superb magic from Alex Elmsley, Robert Harbin, Fred Kaps, Stewart James, Dai Vernon, Al Koran, Roy Walton, Arthur Carter, Leslie May, Charles Cameron, Ron Baillie, Jack Avis, Gus Southall, Edmund Rowland, Ed Marlo, Graham Adams and many others.

Every trick can be accessed via the hyperlinked index.

Now the Pentagram is within reach of all those who enjoy great magic.

Copyright © 2002 by Martin Breese.

1st edition 1946-1959; 1311 pages....

2009 / 1 / 9
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Pages:  1 
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