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Tom Phoenix
The Best Trick of All the Best Tricks of the Year by Tom Phoenix

With this method, you can magically fold an origami bird in record time, animate drawings, or change your predictions. There are 3 applications included, though I'm sure you will think of more. And the box can be shown empty before and after the magic happens.

This includes:

  • 30 minutes of instruction
  • 3 applications
  • A card routine
  • The Enchilada Color Change

1st edition 2018, length 30 min

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MP4 (video)

Wallace Lee
Math Miracles by Wallace Lee

This is a wonderful book covering several classic math based tricks, such as magic squares, day for any date (calendar calculations), and also several uncommon ones. It also includes the first publication of the Fitch Cheney Five Card Trick under the effect name "Telephone Stud".

  • Preface
  • I Cryptesthesia
  • II The Magic Square
  • III Mnemonics With Figures
  • IV Spelling The Cards
  • V Bank Night With Seven Cards
  • VI Some Odd Formulas
  • VII New Dresses For Old Tricks
  • VIII Fakerithmetic
  • IX Multiplying On The Fingers
  • X Mind Reading At The Blackboard
  • XI Match Puzzle
  • XII Spelling Thoughts
  • XIII Casting Out The Nines
  • XIV Telephone...
★★★★ $10
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #16: Zodiac and Mom's Favorite by Larry Brodahl

A parlor or stage trick with a single method, but two vastly different scripts using totally different props. Fun and fooling.

Two tricks in one. Each with nearly identical handling but widely different effects.

In ZODIAC, you show a spectator pictures, one at a time, letting the spectator say "stop" whenever they wish. Their selection turns out to have been predicted in a message hanging in full view of the audience.

In MOM'S FAVORITE, you show the spectators playing cards, one at a time, again letting a spectator say "stop". Their selection turns out to have been predicted in a message...

★★★★★ $15
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Robert A. Nelson
Dr. RaMayne's Spirit Manifestations by Robert A. Nelson

Weird, eerie and baffling pseudo spirit manifestations are easy to accomplish with very little preparation or expense, once you know how.

That was the first line of Nelson's catalog ad for this nearly impossible to find manuscript, detailing the methods of fake mediums and con artists who presented seances to bilk the public. Why is this title so hard to find? Primarily because it was only advertised in three of the Nelson Enterprises catalogs. Some feel that the methods were used to spawn new fraudsters, instead of being used to inform the innocent public. Others believe that Nelson was...

★★★★★ $10
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Devin Knight
Controlled Actions by Devin Knight

Effect: The magician says he will attempt to control a spectator's actions. The magician displays three envelopes numbered 1, 2, and 3 saying these are predictions. A participant selects three cards from a regular deck. The performer shows the participant three blank envelopes and asks for a number from 1 to 3.

The magician proceeds to write that number on the envelope and the participant takes one of his selections (no force) and the magician slides it into the envelope with the number the spectator named. This process is repeated with the other two envelopes and cards. The performer then...

★★★★★ $4
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Michael Lyth
Fez Please by Michael Lyth

This is a variation for the shell game using various sizes of fez. A bonus effect with three ball vases is also included.

1st edition 2018, 16 pages.

★★★★★ $0
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Illusioni ed Evasioni by Ulysses Frederick Grant

"Grandi effetti, piccolo costo!" Questo motto riassume in breve le potenzialità di questo grande classico del Maestro Grant. Se cerchi numeri che stupiscano il tuo pubblico, che siano facili da eseguire e che abbiano l'aspetto di Grandi Illusioni quasi a costo zero da costruire con facilità, allora questo è quello che ti serve! Per chi conosce Grant, non ha bisogno di spiegazioni. Le sue idee semplici e geniali resistono e oltrepassano lo scorrere del tempo. Le illusioni spaziano nel campo dell'escapologia, ma non solo. Alcuni esempi sono la sua versione del Baule per la Metamorfosi con...

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Frank Bonville
The Little Secrets (used) by Frank Bonville

This is the Gambler's Book Club facsimile reprint. Booklet is in good condition. For details on contents see the digital edition.

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Edward Victor
Magic of the Hands (softcover) by Edward Victor

This is the second edition from 1942, published by Max Holden. Some stains on the back cover and the last pages, and some damage to the spine, otherwise in good condition.

This is a classic in sleight-of-hand magic. From the foreword:

This BOOK is mainly on the art of sleight-of-hand and it is my earnest hope that these pages will afford practical help to both the specialist and the amateur magician.

During the period of over twenty-five years of practical magic I have formed the conclusion that in all conjuring, no matter how cleanly a trick may have been worked, it is the effect that...

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Edward Victor
More Magic of the Hands (softcover) by Edward Victor

This is the Max Holden edition. Book is in very good condition. Some discoloration of the cover. Golden Gate Magic Co. sticker on the inside back cover.

This is volume two in the classic sleight-of-hand trilogy. From the foreword:

Since many branches of Magic are again represented in this volume, a close study of it will, I sincerely hope, assist the reader in perhaps making some little change, addition or improvement in an existing 'move' or effect in which he may be interested.

I have included in this book my method of working and presenting "The Chinese Rings," mainly for those of...

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George Brunel
Fun With Magic (hardcover) by George Brunel

This edition is from Hurst & Co. Cover some damage on the upper left corner. Dust jacket is falling apart. Otherwise, including binding, in very good condition.

Amusing Experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Geometry

The title is a little bit misleading, because there are no real magic tricks in this book, at least not the kind that a magician would assume. It is essentially a book of 'kitchen' science experiments. Some of these experiments can of course be presented like a magic trick. But the majority of them are simply interesting or surprising science experiments which can be done at...

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George Brunel
Fun With Magic (hardcover) by George Brunel

This edition is from 1906 published by H. M. Caldwell Company. Flyleaf has pencil marks by Carolyn Miller. Some bumping and foxing.

Amusing Experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Geometry

The title is a little bit misleading, because there are no real magic tricks in this book, at least not the kind that a magician would assume. It is essentially a book of 'kitchen' science experiments. Some of these experiments can of course be presented like a magic trick. But the majority of them are simply interesting or surprising science experiments which can be done at home with a little bit of preparation. ...

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John Philip Quinn
Fools of Fortune (hardcover) by John Philip Quinn

This is an 1892 edition in good condition.

The original description read:

A history of the vice in ancient and modern times, and in both hemispheres; an exposition of its alarming prevalence and destructive effects; with an unreserved and exhaustive disclosure of such frauds, tricks and devices as are practiced by "professional" gamblers, "confidence men" and "bunko steerers."

This is a massive tome on gambling, the largest one at that time, describing gambling locations, games, scams, fraud and how they are operated, as well as many personal stories from the author. Makes for fascinating...

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Edward Summers Squier
Tricks and Magic Made Easy (hardcover) by Edward Summers Squier

Book is in good condition. Some bumping. Handwritten note on flyleaf.

  • Introduction
  • I: Tricks Without Sleight-Of-Hand
    • Discovery Of A Card
    • Gathering The Kings
    • Naming The Pack
    • The Magic Pairs
    • The Turned Card
    • The Magic Square
    • The Royal Court
    • The Assembly
    • Discovery Of Four
    • Discovery Of Two
    • The Permanent Card
  • II: Sleight-Of-Hand With Cards
    • Shifting The Cut
    • Forcing A Card
    • The False Shuffle
    • The Indicated Card
    • The Faced Card
    • Palming A Card
    • Changing A Card
    • Springing The Cards
  • III: Tricks With Coins, Watches, Dominoes, Etc.
    • Tricks With Coins
    • The Pass
    • The Change
    • The...
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George Schulte
Magical Monologues (softcover) by George Schulte

Book is in good condition. Some discoloration of cover. Stamp (Oliver Kendall, Prince of Wizards), markings and sticker (Vernon E. Lux) on cover. Also has a pink return postage note pasted on the flyleaf, and envelope with library card on the inside back cover.

  • Introduction
  • Opening Patter
  • The Chinese Rice Bowls
  • Coffee, Milk and Sugar Trick
  • The Enchanted Bird Cage
  • The Aerial Treasury
  • The Magic Duck Pan
  • The Flying Bird Gage
  • The Mysterious Clock Dial
  • The Traveling Bottle and Glass
  • The Rising Cards
  • The Multiplying Billiard Ball
  • The Floating Ball
  • The Ten Ichi Thumb Tie
  • The Mysterious...
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James B. Findlay
How's Your Library? (used) by James B. Findlay

Booklet stapled is in excellent condition.

An authoritative ebook on collecting for collectors. Written by one of the world's foremost collectors. Covers the whole subject of the care and arrangement of the magical library, data on the books themselves, bookplates with pages of examples, plus the Mulholland article on same. Other bits by well-known collectors. Highly recommended to all who are building up their magic libraries, no matter how small at present. Preface by John Mulholland.

2nd edition 1958 (Ireland Magic).

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Arthur Good
Magical Experiments (hardcover) by Arthur Good

This is a first edition in excellent condition, with gilded edges.

The best way of learning new things is doing them. Magical Experiments or Science in Play is a fascinating collection of kitchen table top experiments with every day household goods. Many of which have a 'magical' twist to them, in the sense that it is for the unfamiliar observer not quite clear how these tricks are performed, or what the physical mechanisms behind them are. More than 150 experiments are described with gorgeous lithographs. This book was originally written in French and later translated to English. This in...

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Brick Tilley
Production Box by Brick Tilley

This is an updated version of the classic Tipover Box. It allows for a very casual and innocent handling. (Includes PDF and video.)

1st edition 2018, 4 pages.

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Paul A. Lelekis
A Poker Deal and Exposé of Tilt by Paul A. Lelekis

Including the real deal on "The Trick That Fooled Houdini", and Jon Racherbaumer contributed a lengthy treatise on TILT.

MALLEABLE POKER DEAL - An amazing 3-part routine with a Poker Deal that will dazzle everyone - including magicians. This routine can be performed by almost anyone.

FIRST, a five-handed game of poker is dealt and the dealer displays that he can deal bottoms, seconds, and center deals at will. He deals himself the four Tens.

SECOND, the dealer asks a spectator, at which hand is the shill supposedly sitting, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th hand...the 5th is the dealer's hand. When the spectator...

★★★★ $8
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Brian T. Lees
Disaster to Laughter by Brian T. Lees

As magicians we are hired to entertain. The show must go on is a harsh truth that we all accept responsibility for. The fact is performances do not always take place without problems. If you have ever found yourself standing in the lights, with a failed trick you know what I am talking about. The audience knows the magic was a complete flop. There is no one else on stage with you. When that happens, we all promise we will never put ourselves in that situation again.

Your magic may be "performance ready" but is it also "audience ready"? This text talks about conditioning for the unexpected....

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Devin Knight
The Red Hot Coin Revealed by Devin Knight
"This is perhaps, the greatest 'come on', or 'bally stunt' the world has ever known." - Floyd Thayer
This is a sadly forgotten effect that was a big hit back in vaudeville, but overlooked by today's magicians. It has been used by Thurston, Blackstone Sr., U. F. Grant, Tommy Windsor and other great magicians. This is one of the funniest routines in magic and you don't have to be a comedian or comedy performer to pull it off. It always results in hilarious laughter.

The premise is simple; the performer invites a boy up and shows him a half-dollar. The performer says, "This is the one and only RED HOT COIN. After years...

★★★★★ $4
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David Gabbay
Noteworthy by David Gabbay

Inside these notes you will find routines, thoughts, and short essays on the art of magic. These effects range from quick fun effects to full blown formal close-up routines. There is something for every close-up performer in here. Lessons in misdirection are found throughout this ebook. Principles explored with in this magic lecture can be applied to many effects you already perform. The effects are straightforward and hard hitting for real audience. Simple workable routines and ideas.

Magic Effects

TacsMan: One by one, a dime, penny, and quarter penetrate a tic tac box.

Sweet: A truly...

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Richard Paddon
Paddon's Package by Richard Paddon

This more than half price reduced package will be available from Jan 1st until Jan 31st, 2018.

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Ken de Courcy
Lucky in Love by Ken de Courcy

Here is another magical gem from Ken De Courcy. It is packed with mystery, humor and audience participation. This card effect is suitable for close-up, stage, cabaret-floor or where you want to present it. The totally unexpected (yet logical) climax really hits the audience between the eyes and cannot fail to gather applause.

EFFECT: A lady is invited to assist. She chooses one of four envelopes and the remaining three are left in full view. She is then handed a red-backed pack to shuffle while the magician shuffles a blue pack. Then the packs are exchanged and shuffled again if you want. ...

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