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Scott F. Guinn
Participant's Triumph by Scott F. Guinn

Your participant shuffles the deck, cuts it, and removes a card and signs her name on its face. She returns this to the deck at a spot of her choosing. The deck is cut in half, and one half is turned face up. Your participant shuffles the two halves together, face up into face down. You snap your fingers and spread the deck--every card is face down with one exception--her signed card is face up in the middle of the spread!

There is also an amazing kicker ending--you'll have to buy the ebook to find out what it is! You finish by allowing her to keep the deck as a souvenir.

This is the...

★★★★★ $10
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Scott F. Guinn
Great Scott's Oil & Water Routines by Scott F. Guinn

If you're a fan of the Oil & Water plot, feast your eyes on this release, containing three takes on Oil & Water!

Ed Marlo's Oil & Water plot is a modern classic of card magic, and contrary to what some magicians say, the effect can absolutely rock laymen! Great Scott's Oil & Water Routines is a 43-page ebook with 49 photos, in which Scott teaches the following in his famously clear writing style:

  1. ELMER'S SOW - A very simple yet very magical and clean one-phase routine.
  2. SIMON'S COW - An exceptionally clean and convincing O&W routine.
  3. THE "X" ON VAL DEES - A much more technically demanding...
★★★★★ $15
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Aldo Colombini
Card Capers by Aldo Colombini

Easy-to-do and commercial routines. The contents includes:

  • ANIMAL CAPERS (Aldo Colombini)
  • MAGILLOGICAL (Tom Daugherty)
  • FLIPPING ACES (Aldo Colombini)
  • MINI OIL & WATER (Aldo Colombini)
  • 37-THREE (Karl Fulves)
  • THE CUT KNOWS (Jean-Pierre Vallarino)
  • CORNERED (Aldo Colombini)
  • RED OR BLACK-WHICH? (Nick Trost)
  • THE FLY CARDS (Aldo Colombini)
  • REALLY FIT FOR KINGS (Gene Castillon)
Please keep in mind that "Animal Capers," "The Fly," and "Cornered" are also available from Aldo's website as packet tricks.

[Note that in 1985 Tom Craven published a booklet with the same title which is completely unrelated to this material....

★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Aldo Colombini
Can You Hear Me Now? by Aldo Colombini

Ten amazing effects with cards that you can do over the phone. Several of the effects are so strong that you can even do them for live audiences.

Contents and contributors:

  • PHONE ZONE (Peter Duffie)
  • TELEMENTAL (Bob King)
  • HOCUS POCUS (Eddie Joseph)
  • LINEAR BLACKJACK (Karl Fulves)
  • TWO CARDS (Stewart Judah)
  • LIE DETECTOR (Al Thatcher)
  • BREAKING POINT (Aldo Colombini)
  • TAMAX (Dougie Gibbard)
  • WIZARD (Peter Duffie)
  • HALF AS GREAT (Max Maven)
You, of course, do not touch the cards, yet you will amaze your friends.

1st edition 2009

★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Scott F. Guinn
Not Your Ordinary Card Tricks by Scott F. Guinn

Are you tired of the same old card tricks? You know what I mean...

“OK, I’ll deal down three rows of seven cards each, and you just tell me which row contains your card...”


“Was this your card? No? How about THIS one?”

or maybe...

“Now, the fifth way I’ll find the four aces is...”

or even...

“Look! For the 22nd time, your card has risen to the top of the deck!”

Sometimes it’s good to get off the beaten path. Sometimes, you just want to do something different. Sometimes, you want to take a deck of cards and perform some routines that are not...

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Scott F. Guinn
My Best To You: Cards by Scott F. Guinn

Fifteen of Scott F. Guinn’s best card effects from his out of print books, edited, expanded, and updated. Unique plots and twisted classics, all audience tested in the real world!

As always, profusely photo-illustrated, written in the clear, conversational style Scott is known for.
"If you want real workable routines that play...
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Scott F. Guinn
McCall of the Wild: A Wild Card Routine by Scott F. Guinn

“Wild Card” is an icon of card magic. Most close up magicians have purchased some version of it somewhere along the way in their journey through magic. And yet, you almost never see it performed. Why? It can’t be because it is “hackneyed”--as just stated, one almost never sees it performed, so how could that be the case?

Flip Hallema said it best:

“Most Wild Card routines are nice to do for magicians, but too drawn out for a genuine party-audience; too much repetition of the same move, slow tempo, and no climax, while the trick cries for [a] crescendo. In my opinion, [it] should build...

★★★★★ $10
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(Benny) Ben Harris & Steve Shufton
X-Ray by (Benny) Ben Harris & Steve Shufton

A plot by Ben Harris with a solution by Steve Shufton and an out by Felix Schellenberg.

"Ben Harris and Steve Shufton's X-Ray is, I think, one of the three best card effects to come out this decade. It's so unbelievably smart, and I use it all the time." - Joshua Jay

"A wonderfully clear cut plot. This is very powerful and appears utterly impossible." - Marc Paul

From the introduction:

When I was young, my uncle Peter fooled me badly with a simple X-Ray Vision stunt. It played serious havoc with my developing mind. Pete had been using his X-Ray Vision to "see through" the table top in order to identify how many fingers I was holding...

★★★★ $20
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Scott F. Guinn
Marked for Death by Scott F. Guinn

Scott has been holding this close to the vest for more than a decade. A small part of his do-it-yourself marked deck system was published in his long out of print book "Never Miss a Trick," but in this manuscript Scott gives you the full meal deal, explaining the entire system. Along with instructions on how to make up your own decks (in just minutes!), Scott gives you memory hooks to make learning the system as quick and painless as possible. Then he gets into the routines--and what routines they are! Killer routines that will slaughter your audience! Stuff that seems absolutely impossible...

★★★★ $20
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Scott F. Guinn
Knuckle Massaging Card Techniques by Scott F. Guinn

This photo-illustrated ebook contains two powerful utility sleights that are easy to do and naturally motivated:

  1. The Automatic Bottom Palm is a completely covered, completely automatic palm that anyone can do. If you've been afraid of palming, this is the move for you!
  2. The Spread Turnover Switch is a utility switch that allows you to openly and naturally swap a card or cards for a completely different card or cards. Switch four indifferent cards for four aces, cleanly and naturally. The best part: It's EASY!

1st edition 2010; 16 pages.

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Aldo Colombini
Double Decker Two by Aldo Colombini

When Aldo published his book Double Decker (routines with two decks of cards) little did he know what he was getting into. He really enjoyed studying the routines and consequently he went into a frenzied quest for more. It is amazing how many he found! Here’s a new collection of routines using two (or three) decks of cards. Have fun studying the routines and, above all, performing them all for your audiences.


  • COLORS CAN’T MIX (Karl Fulves)
  • THOT CARD TO POCKET (Martin Gardner)
  • PACKED BAGS (Aldo Colombini)
  • TURN BLUE (Ken Krenzel)
  • DOUBLE CLOCK DECEPTION (John Yeager) ...
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Ted Lesley
Ted Lesley's Working Performer's Marked Deck (refill) by Ted Lesley

This is a sheet of custom made white rub-on transfer numbers, characters and symbols. This is exactly what you need to make several Ted Lesley Working Performer's Marked Decks - or other similar decks like the Boris Wild Marked Deck. (The cards you have to supply yourself.)

Please note that you do NOT acquire the right to make and sell Ted Lesley marked decks with these transfers. They are for personal use only.

This marking system is considered the very best by many professionals. It combines super easy and reliable reading of the markings - which is crucial for real world under pressure performances - with...

★★★★ $10
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(Benny) Ben Harris
Solid Gold Easy Action by (Benny) Ben Harris

This is one of Ben Harris's favorite effects. Released in 1987, it featured heavily in his lectures across the '87-89 period and was a total sell-out at the major magic conventions, or whenever demonstrated.

In effect, a small envelope is shown, signed on BOTH sides by a spectator, and then left IN FULL VIEW upon the table. A card is now FREELY selected from the deck, and also signed. The spectator pushes his card squarely into the deck and then counts the cards. Mysteriously, his card has vanished. There are now just 51 cards in the deck.

The envelope, which has been in FULL VIEW the...

★★★★★ $8.95
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Scott F. Guinn
The Guinn Utility Backslip by Scott F. Guinn

The Guinn Utility Backslip or GUB is an extremely versatile and surprisingly simple technique, which can be used to accomplish or replace all of the following sleights:

  • Control card to top
  • Control card to second from top
  • Control card to bottom
  • Control card to second from bottom
  • Multiple Shift (all of the above done with two or more cards)
  • Sidesteal
  • The Pass
  • Secret Reversal
  • Top Change
  • Multiple Top Change
  • Bottom Change
  • Multiple Bottom Change
  • Color Change
  • Lap
  • Gambler’s Cop
  • Tenkai Palm
  • False Deals
The most exciting feature of the GUB is that all of these applications are...
★★★★★ $15
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Scott F. Guinn
Dark Thoughts by Scott F. Guinn

Jean Boucher's "The Dark Card" is one of the greatest utility card gimmicks ever--you can do MIRACLES with it! In Dark Thoughts, Scott teaches seven incredible routines using the Dark Card.


  • Olympic Champion: Two spectators' signed cards (with different colored backs) transpose!
  • Red & Blue Times Two: The Alex Elmsley classic, with an impossible instant repeat!
  • The Legend of Scott Star: A tale of the Old West, with lawmen, card cheats, killers, and a hangin' judge. There is magic all the way, including a poker deal, and a finish that they never see coming...
★★★★ $15
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Scott F. Guinn
Clairvoyant Joker by Scott F. Guinn

Scott has been using this diabolically simple routine for over twenty years. How can something so easy play so strongly?

Effect: You deal five cards to the table. A spectator mentally chooses a number from one to five. You turn your back, and he looks at the card that fell at his number, then replaces it. The cards are gathered and shuffled and placed in your shirt pocket. After a few moments of focused concentration, you remove the cards one at a time. Finally, you reveal the card that the spectator merely thought of, proving you also knew his number! But you're not done yet... The rest...

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Mat L’Anoire
Nevermind by Mat L’Anoire
"When I first read 'Scribble' I had a huge smile on my face for the entire time I was reading it. I’ve just spent the past half an hour trying it out and an even bigger smile appeared! So cleverly constructed, it’s a creation of genius!" - Iain Moran
Mat’s ‘Invisible Deck with a regular deck’ opener. A cased deck of cards is placed on the table. A spectator names any card – a completely free choice. The deck is removed from the case and the named card is shown to have been impossibly predicted ahead of time.

Mat’s ‘take everywhere’ coin effect. Four...

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Peter Duffie
Plots & Ploys by Peter Duffie

A New Collection of Card Magic & Mentalism.

Return to Ipcress:
A handling variation for Jerry Sadowitz’s Ipcress.

Fragmented Thoughts:
You place a sealed envelope on the table or give it to someone for safe-keeping. This envelope contains your prediction. You now bring out four pieces of playing cards: one full-size card, one three-quarter card, one half card and one quarter card. These are placed in a row on the table and mixed. A spectator now picks one of the four pieces. Let’s say he chooses the three-quarter card. The envelope is opened, and the missing quarter is tipped out. Everything can...

★★★★ $16.50
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Scott F. Guinn
Great Scott's Ambitious Card Routine by Scott F. Guinn

The Ambitious Card is visual, impossible, and engaging. It breaks the old "never repeat a trick" rule - in fact, it becomes stronger when repeated, especially as the conditions become more stringent along the way.

This ebook teaches Scott's Ambitious Card routine (no surprise there, eh?). He explains not only what he does, but why he does it--why each phase goes where it does, etc.

A lot of you will be adding the finale to your own routines; it's free, quickly constructed, easy to use, and it creates the same illusion as some pretty expensive marketed gaffs. It is also much cleaner and...

★★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
All Hands On Deck by Aldo Colombini

Commercial card magic at its best. All practical effects which you will use.

  • COLOR CHANGE AGAIN (John Yeager): A color changing deck routine involving two selected cards.
  • MATCHED PICTURE CARDS (Nick Trost): The picture cards are shuffled and magically they match up in pairs.
  • DOORSTEP ACES (Paul Gordon): The four Aces find three selected cards.
  • REPROCESSED ELIMINATION (J.K. Hartman): A selected card appears in an unexpected way. Very strong effect.
  • RANDOM THOT (Karl Fulves): An impossible selected card revelation that will fool you too!
  • JACKS IN THE BOX (Aldo Colombini): Red and black cards alternate and then...
★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Rachel Colombini
Against All Odds by Rachel Colombini

This is the second DVD featuring Rachel Colombini. It includes a special guest appearance by the one and only Patrick Page. This is great magic and easy to do.

Here are the routines:

  • SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED (Rachel Colombini): A torn and restored card routine that will floor your audience.
  • AGAINST ALL ODDS (Aldo Colombini): Five cards cut in two and two dice. The spectators select how to use the dice and the dice match up the cards.
  • DIGITAL DIAMONDS (Karl Fulves): A routine that can be done over the phone!
  • X-RAY DECK (Rachel Colombini): A freely selected card is the only card with a big X. The effect...
★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Liam Montier
Cardio by Liam Montier

"Liam Montier's 'Cardio' is an absolute must buy. Very clever card routining with a fresh innovative approach. Magic with intellect and a darn good read." - George McBride

Cardio is Liam's first full-out collection of regular card material, and it features seven pieces that fully represent his approach to card magic. This is practical, easy and astonishing material, performable in most (if not all) situations and bound to knock your spectators reeling.

Contents include…

The Other Thing - A sudden and unexpected production of all four Kings, inspired by Richard Sanders and Cameron Francis that will leave your...

★★★★★ $15
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Harry Baron
Card Tricks for Beginners by Harry Baron

Learn how to entertain and Mystify with baffling card tricks!

This ebook will teach you to baffle your friends with card tricks that you can learn quickly and easily. You will be taken into the mysterious and secret world of Magicdom and everything you need to know is contained within these pages. You will start with the simplest of tricks and slowly work your way forward with the more complex routines that require you to learn some simple sleights and subterfuges. But don't worry because everything is carefully explained and clearly illustrated. If you learn just a few of the magic tricks...

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Michael Paul
Simply Devastating by Michael Paul

Simply Devastating is over thirty pages of hard hitting magic, complete with embedded video to make learning easier. Also included is a special bonus chapter on the Invisible Deck, and a jam session with the one and only Simon Lovell! Want more? We also include a teaser video shot at real life, paid gigs. This is magic that works. When you want to brutally destroy an audience... you'll want to use the tricks from Simply Devastating.

Here's a quick overview:

No Toss:
A stage mentalist's dream. Four people mentally select cards, and you point to each person and name their card. This is a course in...

★★★★★ $30
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