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Marked cards allow the magician to identify a card from its back or edge. Sometimes only certain cards are marked, other times each and every card is marked and identifiable.

Gaffed cards come in all shapes and varieties from comedic gaffs of misprinted faces and backs, to sleight-enhancing modifications such as stripper decks, and sometimes mechanical wonders that can change and transform. Some of the most common supplies for these mechanical wonders are invisible thread, either of the regular or elastic kind, double sided tape, magnets of different shapes and sizes, and plenty of playing cards to cut up and or glue together.

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Abhinav Bothra

Pigment and Pixel by Abhinav BothraTwo different methods to mark Bicycle Rider Back / Bicycle Standard playing cards. Nothing tough to memorize. You'll literally be doing it in minutes after reading this ebook.

1st edition 2015, 11 pages.

2015 / 10 / 20

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Abhinav Bothra

Pigment and Pixel 2 by Abhinav BothraPigment & Pixel 2.0 has two marking systems designed for the standard Bicycle Rider Back. Both the marking systems are based on something that you've been seeing since your childhood hence it is almost impossible to forget. One of the marking systems is small and while the other is big, so you're covered of either kind of eyesight.

Note : This download consists of only the marking systems and does not come with any tricks with a marked deck.

1st edition 2020, 9 pages.

2020 / 2 / 20

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Bob Farmer

Bammo Gaffus Maximus by Bob Farmer

A collection of new and novel gaffed decks, which you can easily all make at home, and strong effects that go along with them. Requires little to no sleight-of-hand.

From the introduction:

There is nothing sweeter than a gaffed deck that does something amazing, something that cannot be duplicated in any other way. A deck of cards looks so innocent, and is such a common object, that when it is converted into a wolf in sheep's clothing, the audience becomes an easy meal for the predatory wolf pack.

Many of the ideas contained in this manuscript have been encouraged, corrected, improved...

2020 / 8 / 31

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Boris Wild

Boris Wild's Lecture by Boris WildBoris is probably best known for his 'Boris Wild Marked Deck', which he describes here in detail. (For the right material to prepare your Boris Wild Marked Deck please see here.) He also teaches his version of a memorized deck, which you can learn in 6 minutes, because there is a system, a formula if you will, to it. And particularly the combination of his marked deck and his memorized deck allow you to fulfill your Wild-est effects.

If that is not enough then you will also learn the Kiss Count. The Kiss Count is a new move in cardmagic. Thanks to it, you will be able to pretend you have four...

2006 / 6 / 3

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Boris Wild

The Boris Wild Marked Deck Lecture Notes by Boris WildExplanation of the Boris Wild Marked Deck + Explanation of the BW Memorized Deck + 5 incredible routines including "Miracle!" and "Pure Telepathy" as seen on French National television.
"The Boris Wild System is a marked deck for the 21st century. It's intelligent, unsuspecting, and it fooled me sooo bad! I love it!" - Joshua Jay

"For an easy and sure-fire way to read the back of any card in the deck, Boris' method is safe and unbeatable. I recommend it highly." - Aldo Colombini

"Boris Wild has created a genuine masterpiece with his marked deck. You can do effects with it that you simply cannot do with any...

2011 / 12 / 6

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Chris Wardle & Paul Hallas

Beyond Svengali: applying the svengali principle to mentalism by Chris Wardle & Paul HallasHere, Chris Wardle explores the use of long and short cards (Svengali Deck style) for mental magic presentations. Whilst initially he gives some background to the Svengali deck and how to make and handle one, some routines use variants on the deck and several don't use playing cards at all. There are thirteen routines from Chris plus some additional commentary and a bonus routine from publisher Paul Hallas. Chances are after reading this you'll not think of the Svengali deck in the same way again.

Since the appearance of this booklet (his third) Chris authored Magic For Everyone (2006) and...

2012 / 12 / 23

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Chris Wasshuber

Card Punch by Chris WasshuberThis is a card punch 3D printed from the finest carbon fiber reinforced nylon. A card punch is used to mark cards imperceptible to people who are unfamiliar with it. If you do not know how to use it this item is not for you. There will be no instructions supplied with the item.

The primary innovation in this model, besides that it is 3D printed, is a screw-needle combination which makes adjusting the depth of the punch a breeze. Simply turn the screw a bit more in or out to set the needle tip deeper or higher. If you have moderately strong fingers you will be able to turn the screw by hand....

2017 / 2 / 27

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Chris Wasshuber

Blistr by Chris WasshuberBlistr is a new card punch with two important differences to more traditional card punches. First, it is built like a pair of small pliers and therefore very easy to use. The pliers are a flexure design 3D printed from carbon reinforced nylon. (Starting design was created by BYU Compliant Mechanisms Research which I modified to fit my needs.) Second, this punch creates a bigger smoother blister than needle based punches. The tip is not sharp and therefore does not punch trough the playing card. For many this will be easier to feel than a fine needle prick. The blister is a half dome with about 1 mm in diameter....
2017 / 4 / 28

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Craig Matsuoka

The Gaff Factory: A comprehensive dry-mounting tutorial by Craig MatsuokaMaking dry-mounted gaffs just got a whole lot easier!

This new 80 page ebook introduces you to the wonders of dry mounting tissue (a.k.a. "DMT"). What's DMT? It's an adhesive that lets you make gaffs that look, feel, and snap like a normal card. If all you've ever known are rubber cement, sprays, and glue sticks, then you've been missing out big-time. This book will open your eyes.

On the other hand, perhaps you heard of DMT, but never bothered to try it because the equipment costs turned you off. Or maybe you gave up on it after getting horrible results with a clothes iron. Well, it's...

2007 / 11 / 26

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Daniel Madison

Blood by Daniel MadisonLearn how to mark your cards with a professional card cheating system. Daniel has been a professional card cheat. He has the injuries to proof a near fatal beating due to an exposed sleight. If you want the real stuff, then here is the manuscript to read.

Bicycle Rider Back; Bicycle League Back; Tally-Ho Fan Back; Tally-Ho Circle Back + The first ever marking system for the David Blaine Split Spades.

Blood is a system for applying secret markings to the back of playing cards that can only be distinguished by the performer and are invisible to the naked eye of the spectator.

The system...

2008 / 4 / 27

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Daniel Madison

The Score: playing card marking system by Daniel MadisonThe Score is an ebook that teaches a special playing card marking system inspired by a concept probably as old as playing cards. The system has been re-thought and re-mastered by Daniel Madison with help from sleight of hand junkie Randall Freeman and a retired card cheat who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Score markings system teaches you how to mark any deck of cards that has a white border, such as standard Bicycle Rider backs, Mandolines and Bee Stingers - we'd list all of those decks here but there are far too many to mention!

The Score is a minimalistic system; two simple tiny marks...

2010 / 9 / 21

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David Numen

NUD - Numen's Utility Deck: And other Mental Card Mysteries by David NumenImagine a deck that secretly tells you both the identity of a thought-of card and that card's numeric location, either in that deck or in another deck. Think of all the memorized deck applications this would simplify.

No memory work.

No tricky calculations to arrive at the card’s location.

Think of the myriad mentalism applications. A spectator peeks at any card in the deck and you instantly know what the card is and at what number it resides from the top or bottom of that deck or another deck. What's more, you obviously never see the back of the peeked card, which eliminates the...

2009 / 3 / 24

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Devin Knight

The Svengali Fooler by Devin KnightThis is a new effect from Devin Knight's recent East Coast lecture tour. It uses a special Svengali deck in a way that magicians will never suspect. So you know, you will need to own or buy a Svengali Deck and gimmick it to do this trick. Take this to your next magic club meeting and puzzle the members.

EFFECT: The performer shows a deck of cards and mixes them. He invites a spectator to stop him as he deals the cards face down on the table. The person can stop him anywhere in the deal, there are no restrictions. The performer deals until the person says stop. The performer shows the card...

2017 / 1 / 13

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Don Driver

The Svengali Pitch: The Real Work by Don DriverThe Comprehensive Guide to Making Money Pitching Svengali Decks

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been made on selling the humble Svengali Deck and yet few people ever learned the inner secrets of how to pitch the deck successfully. This DVD fills that shortage.

Don Driver pitched for twenty-five years all over the country. He learned his pitch from S. David Walker, the Grand old Man of Svengali pitching who has been at it since the early 1940s. Mr. Walker learned from Mickey MacDougall, the creator of the Svengali pitch.

Explained in detail is a pitch that has been polished and...

2011 / 7 / 7

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Dr. Hans-Christian Solka

Low Vision Marking System by Dr. Hans-Christian SolkaA marked deck for people who have less than perfect vision or need glasses.

A blockout system for marking cards has been developed based on the widespread Bicycle Rider Back 808 deck. The development focused on good discernibility of the system for magicians with impaired vision. The marked deck can be prepared in less than one hour.

  1. Introduction
  2. Card and Suit Values
  3. Basic Principle – the Clock Design
  4. Marking the Card Value
  5. Marking the Suit Value
    1. Suit and Card Value in Different Marks
    2. The Stage Version
    3. Suit and Card Value Together in One Single Mark
  6. One-way Marking
  7. Predecessor...
2015 / 6 / 21

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Edward A. Litzau

How It's Done by Edward A. LitzauAvailable again at last. This privately printed gem contains the real work for some of the best card marking inks, daubs, shading and blockout inks that the world has ever seen. Even the infamous luminous reader formula is explained, as is an easy method to produce short or narrow cards that doesn't require a card trimmer!

Best of all, this revised edition includes modern alternatives to the chemical and dye-based compounds, making it easier than ever to obtain professional results in the privacy of your home workshop.

"Your Red Daub is very fine. I find that Daub is the secret of the...
2016 / 10 / 29

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F. R. Ritter

Advantage Card Playing and Draw Poker by F. R. RitterThe first part and majority of this book deals with marked cards. It shows numerous examples of how and where to mark various back designs popular during the early 20th century in the United States. The second part briefly describes sleight-of-hand for the card cheater such as second dealing, bottom dealing, shuffling, false cuts, and mechanical hold outs. Each technique is illustrated with a photo, which is quite remarkable for a book from that time. The third and final part deals with the mathematical odds of draw poker.

Some people believe that F. R. Ritter might be S. W. Erdnase, the unknown author...

2014 / 12 / 8

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F. R. Ritter

Advantage Card Playing by F. R. RitterThis was the advertisement booklet for Ritter's book Advantage Card Playing and Draw Poker. It describes the motivation of the book and shows some excerpts including four illustrations.

1st edition 1905, 9 pages; digital edition colorized.

2015 / 1 / 10

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Jean Hugard & Fred Braue

The Stripper Deck: Miracle Methods No. 1 by Jean Hugard & Fred BraueThe Stripper Deck has nothing to do with a girl shedding off her clothes, but rather is a specially gaffed deck. However, the gaff or preparation is not noticeable with the naked eye. It can even be handed out to spectators for shuffling and cutting. This manuscript outlines various moves as well as tricks with the Stripper Deck. Practically all effects can be achieved with pure sleight of hand using an unprepared deck. But the Stripper Deck simplifies the handling and makes miracles possible without difficult moves, leaving you time to focus on the presentation.

32 pages.

  1. Introduction ...
2005 / 9 / 9

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Jim McKeague

The Best 200 Tricks With A Svengali Deck by Jim McKeagueThis exclusive book has now been republished as an ebook. Encyclopaedic in scope, with notes on making, handling, pitching, and performing in a variety of situations.


  • Handling the Svengali Deck
  • Pitching the Svengali Deck
  • About the Tricks
  • Impromptu
  • Almost Impromptu
  • Multi-Method Classics
  • Novelty Revelations
  • Things going wrong, and sucker effects
  • Apparatus Required
  • Special Decks
  • Publicity, Promotion, Spectacle
  • Using sleights and moves
  • Miscellaneous
  • The Last Word

1st edition 1999, 181 pages.

2014 / 6 / 18

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