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Torn and Restored

Tearing a card is something quite unusual, because normally you wouldn't do that. It destroys the deck and makes it unusable for pretty much any card game you might want to play. That is why T&R card effects are so strong. They tap into this unwritten rule among lay people - never tear or fold a card.

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David Fulde

Impromptorn: A Card Restoration Miracle by David Fulde"Impromptorn looks great! And the creases... DAMN." - Sean Fields (Creator of Fusion, Saw, Sick)

A signed card is cleanly torn into 4 pieces and restored in the cleanest manner piece-by-piece.

But that's not all, the card's creases are then slowly and visually ironed out with surgical precision leaving the card back to it's original state!

Taught in the ebook are:

  • The Original Impromptorn Handling
  • Alternate Ending
  • Crease Restoration V1 (without change)
  • Crease Restoration V2 (with change)
  • Extra Handling Tips & Credits

1st edition 2009; 24 pages.

2009 / 4 / 27

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Daniel Madison

Collateral by Daniel MadisonCollateral contains 12 new effects of magic and sleight of hand from leading underground magician Daniel Madison. Including a powerful transposing Torn & Restored card, two brand new Color Changes, and what is being deemed in the industry as "the best card blister effect ever."

Trip Signed - Torn - Transpo - Restored
A card is taken from the deck and folded in half. Half of the card is signed by the spectator. The other half is signed by the performer. The card is torn in half and the spectators half is placed in the spectators hand. The other half - signed by the performer - is waved above...

2009 / 1 / 15

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Stephen Tucker

Complete Torn and Restored Card Ebook by Stephen TuckerWay back in 1984 Stephen published a strange looking booklet on the 'Torn and Restored Card' effect called The Torn and Restored Card Book. Three routines formed the content, but the most striking thing about the publication was that the booklet was actually torn in half!

It was still a complete piece of work, but the appearance was that of half a book. It soon sold out, probably due to its novelty value. It was updated and re-printed in 1986 with additional material.

Around that time Stephen's good friend David Britland published a solution to a card-problem of his in his Tearing A Lady in Two manuscript. However, it did...

2008 / 6 / 1

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James Watkins

Phoenix Rising by James WatkinsThis is a very well thought out and carefully described torn-and-restored card effect. Seven alternate handlings are explained, plus you get a strong bonus effect.

A card is freely selected; the spectator signs their name on the face of the card, and the magician signs his/her name on the back. An envelope is introduced, and the spectator is asked to open it up, and remove one of the pieces of paper it contains, and to examine it if they wish. After the paper is selected, the freely chosen card is visually ripped into four pieces and wrapped up inside of the chosen piece of paper,...

2005 / 10 / 16

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