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Dustin Marks
Second from the Top by Dustin Marks

This is a mind-blowing, two-part effect. The spectator cuts the deck, looks at the card (no force) and then cuts the card back into the deck. With one cut, the magician controls the spectator's card to the 2nd card from the top of the deck.

The magician performs the effect again but under impossible conditions. After the magician cuts the deck, he never touches the deck again. The spectator is in control, cutting and shuffling the deck multiple times. Yet magically the spectator's card is again the 2nd card from the top of the deck!

No duplicate cards, no false deals, no forces, no rough...

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Vincent Gagnieux
Machine Learning by Vincent Gagnieux

Experience the fascinating blend of artificial intelligence and card magic with this intriguing routine. Watch as seemingly random guesses transform into astonishingly accurate predictions of card suits.

Imagine a spectator freely selects ten cards for an experiment. In the training phase, you boldly attempt to predict the suits of these cards using mere chance or intuition - your model's default policy. Initially, your guesses mostly miss the mark, but each miss serves as crucial data for refining your approach.

Next, armed with insights gained from the training, you meticulously adjust...

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Ali Bongo
Bongo's Bazaar: an evening of pongolian rubbish by Ali Bongo

These are lecture notes that provide a quick summary of effects that were presented at the lecture. While the descriptions are brief, most provide enough details for the average magician to get the idea.

  1. Blendo Bag
  2. The Blooming Bush
  3. Flower Production One
  4. Flower ProdUCTION TWO
  5. Bongoloon
  6. Balloon Valve
  7. Card Fantastick
  8. Ring Rope And Hat
  9. Ring Off Rope
  10. Wedding Bowls
  11. Witch Switch
  12. The Mouse In The Bag
  13. Holy Hanky
  14. Chain Of Office
  15. The Blooming Stooge
  16. Fortune In The Flames
  17. Button Bag & Blackboard
  18. Clarence
  19. Coins Across For Children
  20. Coins Across - Impromptu
  21. Coins Across With Bongotray ...
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Biagio Fasano
CoinDICEnce ACAAN by Biagio Fasano

An amazing self-working "Any Card At Any Number" effect, which uses two simple decks of cards, two dice and two chips to let fate play with dice.

This is an incredibly automatic card magic and mentalism effect, of the "Any Card At Any Number" genre, which uses two simple poker decks of 52 cards, two common six-sided number dice, and two casino chips bearing the words "SUIT" and "VALUE" on them.

The illusionist will call on a female spectator to help him as he explains how often throughout history both playing cards and dice may have influenced the fates of many men.

He will then present...

$14.99 $9.99
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Biagio Fasano
CoinDICEnce ACAAN (Italian) by Biagio Fasano

Uno stupefacene Effetto Automatico di “Carta al Numero”, che utilizza due semplici mazzi di carte, due dadi e due fiches per lasciar giocare il destino coi dadi!

Si tratta di un effetto incredibilmente Self-working di Cartomagia e Mentalismo, del genere “Any Card At Any Number”, che utilizza due semplici mazzi da Poker di 52 carte, due comuni dadi numerici a sei facce e due gettoni da Casinò che riportano su di essi la scritta “SEME” e “VALORE”. L’illusionista chiamerà una spettatrice ad aiutarlo, mentre spiegherà come spesso, nel corso della storia, sia le carte da...

$14.99 $9.99
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Unnamed Magician
Dead Reckoning: on steroids by Unnamed Magician

"A really powerful spell-to-your-card effect. The title says it all, it is Bannon's "Dead Reckoning" except on steroids." - Tommaso Guglielmi

"For a long time I've been performing "Dead Reckoning" by John Bannon. It's one of my go-to effects in my repertoire. But that changed today. "Dead Reckoning: On Steroids" is a marvelous improvement on the original. It is unbelievably deceptive and impossible to reverse engineer, and it replaces "Dead Reckoning" in my repertoire. Thanks Unnamed Magician for this splendid creation." - Brian Draven

"The main effect is good but the first bonus effect is beyond good."...

★★★★★ $20 $10
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Mauro Rapinesi
The Sync Book Test by Mauro Rapinesi

The Sync Book Test is a completely impromptu book test routine you can do anywhere and anytime borrowing any two books, provided with a consistent presentation that makes it a powerful test to see how much the mentalist and participant are in tune. The routine consists of a number and a word coincidence, but it creates the conditions to continue with a demonstration of telepathy that looks like another coincidence: the mentalist is thinking of the very word chosen randomly by the participant.

Here is the act as the audience sees it:

A participant freely selects two books from a library,...

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Wolfgang Riebe
The Magician: South Africa (1994-1996) by Wolfgang Riebe

A treasure trove for South African magic enthusiasts.

Step into the enchanting world of magic with The Magician – the ultimate magic magazine for South African magicians. From January 1994 to June 1996, the legendary Wolfgang Riebe, a renowned South African magician, captivated the magic community with his bi-monthly publication. This wasn't just any magazine – The Magician featured contributions from both national and international magicians, delivering the latest global magic news and cutting-edge tricks. Now, for the first time, you can own the entire collection in one stunning 500+...

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Dustin Marks
Automatic Placement: a deep dive by Dustin Marks

The Automatic Placement Principle, named and popularized by Ed Marlo, is a mathematical marvel that places the spectator's card into a known position in the deck, without sleights. I've created two amazing enhancements: First, the spectator shuffles the majority of the deck after looking at his card. Unbelievably, you still know the card's position without touching the deck! Second, you're now privy to the card's identity as well as its location. Both methods are presented as a glimpse into gambling strategies. These enhancements have many potentials for your card magic.

1st edition 2024, PDF 19...

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Al Cohen
Magical Mish Mosh by Al Cohen

Excerpt from the introduction:

For a very long time people have gotten the idea that I'm a pretty fair magician ... this is my greatest trick of all!! I've been a magic dealer for over 35 years, a semi-retired performer, and a lover of the art for too many years to talk about. Very little I do is original and I don't really do it that well, BUT ... I do have a nice smile and a large mouth so people DO seem to enjoy my meager efforts...

  • A Magical Mish-Mosh (And Other Tricky Trivia)
  • The Magic Scroll
  • Milk To Dove
  • Dagger Dime
  • My Six Card Repeat
  • Two Coins And A Wineglass
  • The Peripatetic...
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Arthur Setterington
Magic, Fun and Games by Arthur Setterington

Excerpt from the introduction:

As a beginner in magic I had little idea of what was required in the entertaining of children, and, watching more experienced performers, it seemed that a children's show was merely an adult programme shown to children, with little in the way of "byplay", which has become a recognised ingredient in juvenile programmes.

At first, it was a case of trial and error, learning by mistakes, until at a later period I was able to increase my knowledge of the subject, through reading books, magazines, and attending lectures.

It is unfortunate that when an effect...

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Evan Kastor
Memfinity Deck: Memorising the Infinity Deck by Evan Kastor

Memfinity Deck: Memorising the Infinity Deck is a companion work for the Infinity Deck released by Craig Petty and Murphy's Magic. In this ebook, you will learn how to memorise every photograph in the deck using mnemonics. This is an easy process which takes just a couple of hours. Once you know this system, you can use it to learn most any list of objects. After you learn the photographs, you will learn some effects to do with your new skill - used in this way, it is as close to real mind reading as you can perform. Special thanks to Richard Osterlind for allowing the use of parts of his...

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Johnny Geddes
Applause-able Magic by Johnny Geddes

The title reads Applause-able Magic, and that is exactly what this ebook contains. Magic that will bring you the APPLAUSE you desire and magic that is presentable.

The author writes from experience, both as a childrens' entertainer and as a variety act. We leave you to pick out the gems from the dust, but, remember that it is gold dust, which is always valuable - somewhere - sometime.

  • Foreword
  • Passe Passe Tins
  • Silk Shirt
  • Silk Frock
  • I've Got Worms
  • The Card Mixer
  • Magic Song Book
  • Colour Changing Reels
  • Sally The Silkworm
  • Comedy Camera Capers
  • Egg And Lemon
  • Ha-Ha Hat
  • High Hands ...
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Vincent Gagnieux
Twin Work by Vincent Gagnieux

A bunch of cards are removed from the deck after a few shuffles. The participant looks at them and freely selects one. All the cards are then mixed in a messy pile and "wash-shuffled".

Under these impossible conditions, you reach into the pile and dig out a single card: the mate of the participant's card.

  • No memory work
  • No marked cards
  • An alternative ending is explained

1st edition 2024, PDF 7 pages.

★★★★ $5
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Ray King
More King's Jewels by Ray King
  • Games (Pass the Beads; The Magician Game; Sweet Production)
  • Toadstool And Ragdoll
  • Rabbit Production
  • Happy Birthday / Happy Christmas Box
  • Routine For Blind Date
  • The Magic Christmas Tree
  • Prize Spell
  • Grandma's Knitting Bag
  • The Space Rocket Trick

1st edition ~1988, PDF 10 pages.

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Biagio Fasano & Marco di Biase
Hyper-Sensitive Mentalism by Biagio Fasano & Marco di Biase

A new Mentalism effect, as impromptu as it is inexplicable!

This is a simple Mentalism effect, incomprehensible to the audience and executable on virtually any occasion, as it uses eight simple cards that can be drawn from any deck. The Mentalist, with his back turned or blindfolded without any make-up, asks a spectator to think of any card and draw it from the deck, together with any seven other cards with which it will be shuffled by herself. She will divide the pack between her own hands, holding in each four face down cards.

At her pleasure, she will turn face up of the two bundles...

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Biagio Fasano & Marco di Biase
Mentalismo Iper-Sensitivo by Biagio Fasano & Marco di Biase

Un nuovo effetto di Mentalismo, tanto impromptu quanto inspiegabile!

Si tratta di un effetto di Mentalismo di semplice esecuzione, incomprensibile per il pubblico ed eseguibile praticamente in ogni occasione, in quanto utilizza otto semplici carte che possono essere estratte da un qualsiasi mazzo. Il Mentalista, di spalle o bendato senza alcun trucco, chiede ad una spettatrice di pensare ad una carta qualsiasi e di estrarla dal mazzo, unitamente ad altre sette carte qualsiasi con le quali verrà da lei stessa mescolata. Dividerà il mazzetto tra le proprie mani, tenendo in ognuna quattro...

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Al Leech
Don't Look Now! The Smart Slant on Misdirection by Al Leech

Al Leech wrote this classic text on the presentation of magic in 1948, and it has been essential reading ever since. The ebook goes into depth on the application of psychology to magic, misdirection, how best to fool people, how to make them like you, and similar topics.

"The many classics on the subject that predated it were ambitious and well intended but full of air and nonsense. But this modest thing pointed the way. Its historical importance would be reason enough to put it out. But in its modest little way, it has never been bettered. It remains fresh and valuable today." - Michael Landes

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Tony Anverdi
Anverdi's Lecture Notes by Tony Anverdi

Tricks with silks, ropes, rings, and balls.

If you like to work with invisible thread you will find interesting material here.

  • Effect with Two Silks
  • Two Ring Effects
  • Silk, Paper Bag, and Ring
  • With Two Rings
  • Another Effect with Two Rings
  • Ball and Glass
  • Ball Production with a Silk
  • Sleeving Principle
  • Ball Color Change

1st edition ~1960; PDF 14 pages.

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Dustin Marks
The 7 Choices by Dustin Marks

This effect has sparked strong reactions. Ideal for magicians who enjoy improvisational magic, with the spectator at the core, this act hinges on your acting skills. It's a perfect tool to enhance your performance abilities. There is no setup, easy to do, and it can be repeated immediately with different results.

Two versions: One with a marked deck and one with a very sneaky force you probably do not know.

1st edition 2024, PDF 7 pages.

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Ulrich Rausch
Punx Touch (German) by Ulrich Rausch

Das Gläserne Herz und andere Patente.

Ludwig Hanemann - Punx (27. Oktober 1907 - 11. Februar 1996) gehört zweifelsfrei zu den bedeutendsten deutschsprachigen Zauberkünstlern des 20. Jahrhunderts. Auch wenn er in der Öffentlichkeit vielleicht nicht so bekannt war wie manch anderer Kollege, hat er mit seiner Art, die Zauberkunst zu zelebrieren, generationsübergreifend Impulse für Kollegen gegeben. Das bekannteste Kunststück aus seinem Programm ist zweifelsfrei das "Gläserne Herz".

Nach jahrelangen Recherchen und der Sichtung von bisher teilweise unbekannten Dokumenten rekonstruiert...

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P. T. Selbit & George Mackenzie Munro
Wizard (Selbit) all volumes by P. T. Selbit & George Mackenzie Munro

This periodical ran for 5 volumes and 60 numbers, from September 1905 to August 1910. With volume 1 number 9, it became the official organ of the Magic Circle. For the last two numbers in 1910, P. T. Selbit handed the editorship to George Munro. It was succeeded by the Magic Wand.

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P. T. Selbit
Wizard (Selbit) Index by P. T. Selbit

This PDF holds an index for the first four volumes each. The indices are grouped into the following categories (not all categories appear in all volume indices):

  • Articles
  • Ball Tricks
  • Card Tricks
  • Coin Tricks
  • Correspondence
  • Conversations
  • Current Programmes
  • Flower Tricks
  • Gossip
  • Handkerchief Tricks
  • Hat Tricks
  • Illustrations
  • Jokes
  • Magic Circle
  • Obituary
  • Our Monthly Telephone
  • Poetry
  • Popular Patter
  • Portraits
  • Practical Magic
  • Programmes
  • Recollections of Hartz
  • Sketches
  • Thimble Tricks
  • Tricks


  1. The Wizard – Volume I – September, 1905 – August, 1906
  2. Index ...
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P. T. Selbit & George Mackenzie Munro
Wizard (Selbit) Volume 5 (September 1909 - August 1910) by P. T. Selbit & George Mackenzie Munro

For the last two numbers, George Munro took over the editorship from P. T. Selbit.

  1. The Wizard - Volume V, Number 49 - September, 1909 - 16 pages
  2. Cover - Imro Fox
  3. Ornum's advertisement
  4. Notices
  5. Gossip
  6. Advertisements
  7. A Protean Wand
  8. The Magic Circle
  9. Advertisements
  10. Conjuring a Cake
    • Two New Methods of Performing a Popular Problem
      • The Preparation of the Cake
      • The Culinary Operation
      • The Cutting Part
      • Another Method
      • The Bran Box Again
      • A Fiery Dish
  11. Nikola Breaks Out Again
    • A Half-Minute Perplexity Pickle
      • The Problem to...
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