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Self-Working or Sleightless DIY Playing Cards Moves ACAAN Stacks Marked & Gaffed Rising & Levitating Manipulation & XCM Svengali Torn and Restored Linking Cards


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Charles Thorton Jordan
Ten New Prepared Card Tricks by Charles Thorton Jordan

This is number four of Jordan's Ten New Tricks Series. At one time Jordan prepared and sold faked cards and routines that went along with them. When he stopped doing this he decided to select the ten best faked card tricks and collect them in this booklet. You get the description of how to prepare the faked cards yourself as well as the routines.

1st edition, 1920, Penngrove, California; 24 pages.

  1. Preface.
  2. The Spirit Aces.
  3. The Spook Card.
  4. The Demon Color Change.
  5. A Unique Reverse.
  6. Divino.
  7. Joker Monte.
  8. Pedro Monte.
  9. Speaking of Pink Elephants.
  10. The Contrary Clock.
  11. Transcendental Vision. ...
★★★★ $3
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Charles Thorton Jordan
Ten New Sleight of Hand Card Tricks by Charles Thorton Jordan

This is number two of Jordan's Ten New Tricks Series. It has contributions by T. Nelson Downs and Louis C. Haley.

1st edition, 1920, Penngrove, California; 23 pages.

  1. Preface
  2. The Amazing Aces.
  3. Transposition Extraordinary. T. Nelson Downs.
  4. The Straight-Jacket Reversed Card. Louis C. Haley.
  5. The Triple Escape.
  6. Reverse English on the X-Ray.
  7. The Stabbed Pair.
  8. The Brain Twister.
  9. The Winged Cards.
  10. The Spelling Fool!
  11. The Suits Unscrambled.
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Ian Baxter
Ten on Deck by Ian Baxter

Ian Baxter’s first book, first published in 1970. Card men everywhere enthused about the contents and the endorsements it carried from the likes of Dai Vernon, Ed Marlo, Card Mondor, Robert Parrish, Jon Racherbaumer and others, are testament to the quality of content. Alton Sharpe wrote the Introduction.

Ten reputation making card miracles.

"The material is not only interesting, but clever and workable. Yes, l recommend it." - Edward Marlo

"Ian Baxter is a creative and skillful artist." - Dai Vernon

"After what I have seen of the contents, I'm eagerly looking forward to reading the book. What I have seen is really impressive." - Jon Racherbaumer

"I must say l will use every...

★★★★★ $10
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Michael Skinner
Ten Peeks by Michael Skinner

The ace through 10 of Diamonds are inserted into the pack, each card at a different location. The deck is shuffled and then Michael produces each card one by one in different ways using pop out moves, cuts, and other flourishes.

This is an improvement of an effect popularized by Eddie Fechter. However Eddie produced each card the same way using the gymnastic ace production from the Paul LePaul book.

runtime: 14min 46s

★★★★★ $6
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MP4 (video)

Ian Baxter
Ten-Four by Ian Baxter

Australian card man Ian Baxter has nailed it once again! Here is a straightforward, anytime, anywhere mystery that will leave audiences scratching their heads.

No fakes, gaffs or stranger cards are employed. An ordinary deck, borrowed or supplied by you, is the sole requirement. Ten-Four, a radio call sign, means "everything is okay" but in this case, it also spells out what is involved. The four tens end up cavorting from the deck to the table and back again, with a jaw-dropping finish. And there is room for a spot of humour as well.

Acknowledgment must be made to Tom Ogden of Hollywood, California,...

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Boyet Vargas
Ten-Ten Marking System by Boyet Vargas

Ten-Ten Marking System is a reliable playing card marking system for creating a marked deck that is easy to read and understand, based on the binary system, and practically invisible to your spectators. Easily identify each card at a glance.

  • Easy to read marking system
  • Easy to learn and remember
  • Inexpensive and easy to make

1st edition 2020, PDF 6 pages.

★★★★★ $4
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Allan Ackerman
Tenkai Fan Replacement by Allan Ackerman

This video teaches you how to return a card from Tenkai palm back onto the deck during the display of a fan.

runtime: 34s

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MP4 (video)

Scott Cram
Terry LaGerould's Pasteboard Presentations II by Scott Cram

After years of magicians calling for Terry LaGerould to put out a new book, it's here! With more than 60 pages containing 17 card effects, and more than 35 photos, you'll easily learn these routines!

Back in 1992, many magicians were first exposed to Terry LaGerould's unique approach to card magic in a book called, Pasteboard Presentations. This book, now out of print, is still being sought after by many magicians.

For those unfamiliar with Terry LaGerould, the hallmark of his magic is efficient, innovative use of standard moves combined with highly commercial presentations. All the material...

★★★ $19.95
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Roberto Giobbi
Testament de Jérome Sharp: An Analytical Essay on the Card Magic in the Book by Roberto Giobbi

Le testament de Jérome Sharp was the third of a series of five books where Henri Decremps (1746-1826), a Frenchman who had studied law, physics and music, would expose the secrets of Italian conjuror Giuseppe Pinetti (1750-1800) as the result of a challenge. The most famous book of the series is La Magie Blanche Dévoilée (1784).

Le testament de Jérome Sharp is the book that contains by far the largest section devoted to card magic. Several facts make this book of outstanding interest to the students of card magic. First, the section devoted to cards is quite large and more comprehensive than any other...

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Aldo Colombini
Tested Ten-Card Poker Deal by Aldo Colombini

An amazing presentation in five phases of this classic poker demonstration! Using only ten cards you show an entertaining five-phase poker demonstration and, of course, you always win! It is suitable for both close-up and stage. Use any deck of cards (even jumbo cards).

★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Victor Farelli
Thanks to Leipzig! by Victor Farelli

The cleanest method of passing three freely selected cards from one packet to another, with a borrowed pack and without preparation and a convincing mental effect. Including bibliographical and historical notes on the thirty card trick and a treatise on false counting.

"... a fairly brilliant effect, executed with borrowed cards, will prove ten times more convincing to a modern audience than the most elaborate and astounding feat imaginable, performed with a pack belonging to the conjurer himself..." - Farelli's Card Magic (Chapter VIII.)

"... The conditions under which I constantly perform, impromptu, and...

★★★★ $12
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Aldo Colombini
That'll Be The Day! by Aldo Colombini

20 new packet tricks. Packet tricks are always popular and here you have a great collection of routines from many experts in this field.


  • IMPACT (Roy Walton)
  • MORE AMAZEMENT (Luis Gavilondo)
  • A ROYAL SEPARATION (Francis Haxton)
  • HAMMAN FIVE CARD REPEAT (Stephen Tucker)
  • COME BACK QUEENS (Lin Searles)
  • SHORT WAVE (J.K. Hartman)
  • FIVE IN A ROW (Nick Trost)
  • ELMER'S WEDDING (Peter Duffie)
  • ACES & JACKS (Stewart Judah)
  • STRANGE SANDWICH (Aldo Colombini)
  • ALL RED (Sam Schwartz)
  • STENDARDO (Aldo Colombini)
  • OIL AND WATER (Stewart Judah) ...
★★★★ $10
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Peter Duffie
That's a Fact! by Peter Duffie

This is a wonderful self-working effect based on a mathematical principle. Rather than explain the effect to you, below is a demo video for you to watch.

Please keep in mind that this isn't really an ebook but a set of two video files. One explains the setup and preparation, the other the performance.

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MP4 (video)

Peter Duffie & Aldo Colombini
That's Amore by Peter Duffie & Aldo Colombini

You give the four Kings to a spectator. You cut the deck saying that you'll now cut to one of the Queens. The spectator's task is to try to pick the King that will be the perfect mate for the Queen you cut to. Remove the top card of the deck and the spectator picks ANY King. The two cards prove to be the King and Queen of Clubs! This is successfully repeated with the remaining Kings and Queens. Then a big surprise occurs: On the back of the four Queens four hearts appear!

Requires four double-backed cards and heart stickers.

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MP4 (video)

Paul A. Lelekis
That's Impossible! by Paul A. Lelekis

This e-book has four beautiful routines with patter, by some of the masters of magic, brought up to date by Paul, and presented to the magic community. Do not pass this up. These are professional routines that will make you smile. 3 videos included!

THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! - The "title cut" from a Jack Avis effect. Marlo marveled at the genius of this effect...he loved it. This full routine features an impossible transposition of selections. The cards may be borrowed and signed by the spectators. This is devious. Wait until you see the ingenious method employed.

CHANGES - Al Leech (creator of Red Hot Mama), presents...

★★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
That's It by Aldo Colombini

Ten stunning packet tricks.


  • THANKS TO WALTON (Cameron Francis): Great packet trick! Four black spot cards and four red spot cards. You switch out the red cards for the black ones, but you always have red cards. The other four cards are now the four Aces.
  • CHAMPAGNE (Aldo Colombini): Cards change around; assemble in order in one pile; some changing color as well.
  • DEATH ROW (Karl Fulves): A spectator picks a card and it is the only missing card to make a royal flush.
  • THE MARTIAN (Aldo Colombini): Four astronauts (Jokers) come back from Mars and they change into blue except for one. When shown again, it...
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MP4 (video)

Wesley James
The 3 Greatest Ace Assemblies by Wesley James

Almost every close-up magician and with near certainty every magician that uses cards in their performances includes assemblies. Some are good, some fall short of what we desire, but few have considered which of the wide variety of assemblies are the greatest. Such an assessment must, perforce, be subjective to some degree. Drawing from broad and extensive experience performing for real-world lay audiences, objective criteria can be applied and Wesley James, based on more than fifty years of first-hand performance experience, has done so. In this monograph he has distilled the subject to the...

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Stephen Tucker
The 33 Cardinal Sins by Stephen Tucker

More than 30 card effects and 7 bonus coin routines.

1st edition 1984, 70 pages; PDF 87 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Dunbury Well
  2. Judy
  3. Distraction
  4. Back From The Brink
  5. All Change!
  6. Creating A False Impression
  7. Olympia
  8. Variations
  9. Those That Do And Those That Don't
  10. Open Till Late
  11. Short Break
  12. Con Tents
  13. Compute
  14. Chicken Curry
  15. Fake!
  16. Back For Seconds
  17. Sufferer
  18. Superking
  19. Enigma
  20. Day Of Reckoning
  21. Incentive
  22. Three's Company
  23. Mimik
  24. Zig Zag Zone
  25. Revisit
  26. Twist And Twist Again
  27. Better By Half
  28. Xtro
  29. Less Choice
  30. Sell Out!
  31. Trouble Spots
  32. Paradise Twins

    Bonus Section

  33. Glassgo
  34. The...
★★★★ $15.50
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C. H. Wilson
The 52 Wonders: Cards Manipulated by Science by C. H. Wilson

This is quite an interesting relatively early book on card moves, tricks and cons. It was published in 1877. Some believe that the author C. H. Wilson could be the elusive Erdnase, the author of The Expert at the Card Table, because the S.W.E. Shift is explained in The 52 Wonders.

Chapters are:

  • Chapter I: The Double and Single Passes
    • The Long Pass
    • The Short Pass
    • The Magic Pass
    • The Rolling Pass
    • The Grand Pass
    • The Invisible Pass
    • The Vizard Pass and Change
    • The Circle Pass
    • The Dovetail Pass
    • The Single Short Pass
  • Chapter II: Miscellaneous Passes
    • The Elbow Pass
    • The Side Pass
    • The Monte Pass
    • The Table Pass ...
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Nick Conticello
The ACAAN Experience by Nick Conticello

Author and collector Doug Edwards after seeing a performance said:

"That's the best impromptu ACAAN effect I've ever seen!"
If you have ever wanted to do an impromptu version of the David Berglas classic ACAAN but despaired of finding a workable method, rejoice! In his new ebook The ACAAN Experience Nick Conticello offers you four impromptu methods.

Each version of Nick's effect CAAN-Fluence starts from a single premise but uses a different technique each time to place a freely chosen card at a freely chosen location in a borrowed, shuffled, incomplete deck. None of these versions require any sleight-of-hand...

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Tommaso Guglielmi
The ACAAN Finale by Tommaso Guglielmi

After many versions of ACAAN, Tommy has created a version which he believes is very direct, hands–off and very close to the perfect ACAAN. From the spectator's view point, they will see:

  • A deck of cards closed in its box is in full view on the table.
  • A spectator selects a card using an imaginary deck and a number via an imaginary urn.
  • Mentally the spectator imagines moving the card to the correct position inside the deck.
  • The spectator removes the cards from the box and counts to named number and the named card will be there without the magician ever touching the deck
In all his...
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Daniel Madison
The Advocate: the ultimate playing card index by Daniel Madison

The best and most practical card index ever created.

The Advocate is by far Daniel's most favorite discovery and deceptive tool and was for many years his best kept secret, and it has been a monster of a reputation maker for him. This is his 4th edition of this book; where the predecessors were written with the magician and the effects in mind, this edition keeps due focus on the device itself for deceptive use. Although 'tricks' have not been removed from this edition they have been simplified and reduced to suggestions as opposed to focal points of the book. Much deserved extra attention...

★★★★ $15
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Joseph B.
The Amazing Routine by Joseph B.

This effect is one of the most powerful ones that I still perform. A truly exceptional prediction. The magician is able to predict how many cards the spectator has in his pocket a long time before the routine starts.

This is what happens:

The magician places 3 predictions on the table long before the routine begins. The predictions are always in view. The spectator shuffles the deck of cards and freely cuts the deck, he remembers the card he cut to and puts a portion of the deck in his pocket. The magician cannot absolutely know how many cards the spectator has put in his pocket. Despite...

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Aldo Colombini
The Amazing Self-Working Card Magic of Howard Adams Vol. 1 by Aldo Colombini

All these routines are performed with no sleight-of-hand. Except for the last effect, the routines are totally impromptu and use only a packet of cards.


  • STAKATE: A revelation of two freely selected cards and a final effect with a prediction.
  • SYMPAMATES: Five cards are torn in half and two spectators find two matching symbols.
  • COLOR QUARTET: Four selected cards are found after the packet has been shuffled.
  • EZ GAMBLE: You win in a game of poker with ten cards and three spectators.
  • BASICDU: A spectator picks a card from a packet of red-backed cards and you pick a card a blue-backed...
★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

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