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Self-Working or Sleightless DIY Playing Cards Moves ACAAN Stacks Marked & Gaffed Rising & Levitating Manipulation & XCM Svengali Torn and Restored Linking Cards


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Allan Ackerman
Tabled Palm by Allan Ackerman

A move developed by Ed Marlo where you steal the top card while squaring up a deck that is resting on the table. This can also be used as a color change if the deck is face up on the table. And Allan also let's you in on Eddies 'Nickle Color Change' where a nickle is placed on the face up deck. Nevertheless the card changes instantly leaving the nickle on the deck. This one is guaranteed to fool magicians.

runtime: 2min 6s

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Allan Ackerman
Tabled Slip Cut by Allan Ackerman

A slip cut allows you to cut the card second from top to the top. Here Allan teaches a triple slip cut for the table.

runtime: 1min 13s

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Allan Ackerman
Tabled Snap Change by Allan Ackerman

This is another very visual card change onto the table.

runtime: 55s

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Cristóbal Carnero Liñán
Tahúr: a gambling routine by Cristóbal Carnero Liñán

This is the gambling demonstration that Cristóbal uses in his show "Cartas Bajo Control" ("Cards Under Control"). About ten minutes long, it's an entire act with four phases, showing almost impossible skills, like card location while shuffling, estimation, card control, and the legendary center deal. You can deal the four aces without spectators being able to see how it is done, even when they know what you are going to do.

It is not necessary for you to know how to do a center deal, though in some parts of this routine you'll need to know some techniques. References and links are included,...

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Sean Waters
Tailored Suits: Card Routines Befitting a Mentalist by Sean Waters
"I want to crawl up your nose and take a sample of your brain so I can clone it." - Iain Dunford

"It's a great book from cover to cover." - Don Theo

"Every time Sean describes a new card effect to me it feels like coming home to that place where 'Out of This World' is brand new and I wonder what's waiting on the next page." - Mike Ince

"A real treasure chest" - Felix Schellenberg

"An Exceptional Book" - Jan Forster

"If you've ever doubted whether cards have a place in mentalism, READ THIS BOOK!" - Gabe Abelson

"Cards DO have a place in mentalism. Here is over 100 pages that further proves it." - Bryn Reynolds

"I could...

★★★★★ $40
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Steve Pellegrino
Take It Further Than That by Steve Pellegrino

First published in The Jinx in April 1941, Stewart James' Further Than That is still in professional magicians' repertoire 80 years later. Annemann published it in a special Stewart James issue of The Jinx and thought so highly of it that he featured it as the first effect on the front page.

How amazing can a self-working card trick be?

  • If I only have time to perform one routine, I perform Further Than That.
  • If I only have moments to impress a new client, I perform Further Than That.
  • When I want to end my close-up set, I perform Further Than That.

It has been in the working repertoires of many great magicians,...

★★★★★ $9.95
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Raymonde Crow
Take the Plunge(r): Tiny Plunger Magic by Raymonde Crow

The tiny plunger is an exciting new plot in magic and has been performed on the Today show. It's cute and catchy.

Take the Plunge(r): Tiny Plunger Magic is not about merely telling you the secret, but also how to perform an easy routine that builds to a stunning conclusion, while getting laughs all along the way.

You will learn where to get the props you need, how to set up for the trick, and how to reset for the next performance. There is also solid advice born from Raymonde Crow's experience "in the trenches," working in a restaurant environment.

Whether you want to make money as...

★★★★ $5
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Stephen Tucker
Taking Liberties: the U.S. Card Book by Stephen Tucker

An early publication filled with routines from the creative mind of Stephen Tucker.

1st edition 1984; 56 pages

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Shaken And Stirred
  3. Double Vision
  4. Sounds Too Good To Be True
  5. Space Oddities
  6. Halve Your Oil Bill
  7. Generation Gaps
  8. They're Back
  9. Unburied Treasure
  10. Laundering
  11. Black Power
  12. Throwaway
  13. Silent Running
  14. Within Your Reach!
  15. Poles Apart
  16. The Born Leader
  17. Overnight
  18. Between The Lines
  19. Splash!
  20. On And On And On And On And On...
  21. Sledgehammer
  22. Top Secret
  23. Queen Of Controversy
  24. Girl Talk
★★★★ $16.50
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Ritaprova Sen
Target by Ritaprova Sen

The magician asks for a card to be selected and also takes out the joker. After the selection has been noted and signed he buries the card inside the deck and places the deck on the table. He riffles the inner edge with his thumb and suddenly flicks the face up joker into the deck. The face up joker is seen to stick out at a certain portion of the deck until the very last moment before it is pushed in flush with the deck and the deck is immediately spread to show that the joker landed right next to the selection. A work of true precision. And this can be repeated as many times as you wish. Almost...

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Mystic Alexandre
Target Card in Painting by Mystic Alexandre

This is a wonderful presentational idea for the "Invisible Deck". (If you do not know what the "Invisible Deck" is ask around or visit a dealer. It is a very common prepared deck of cards.)

This routine will require some creativity on your part, but more so on the spectator’s part ... but this is part of the fun. It can really go anywhere and it’s usually just as interesting to the performer as it is for the participant.

1st edition 2008; 3 pages.

★★★★★ $4
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Jeff Stone
Tarot Below Zero - Spectral Chill by Jeff Stone


Tarot cards are old, but that doesn't mean they're boring. Tarot cards add an air of mystery and emotion to any performer's arsenal. This ebook will show you a whole new frontier of possibilities with these arcane works of art. Spectral Chill is as much a concept as it is a trick. And the bonus trick, Tarot Below Zero is just one possibility to be found at the tip-of-the-sword in this re-conceived paradigm.

Tarot is all about creating links in the mind of the spectator and Spectral Chill is a system to help do exactly that.

This is a real performer's...
★★★★★ $25
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Tattoos on Cards by Ninh

Show any design you want on the card by simply lightly burning it with a lighter. When you pick a card and burn it, it will usually leave black streaks on the cards, but with Tattoos on Cards, black streaks will transform into any design of your choice: an image of a chosen card, a heart or your signature, a short message, ...

[Note that the explanation is purely visual (no sound) and a few lines of text inserted in the video.]

1st edition 2018, length 11 min 46 s

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Peter Pellikaan
Taytelbaum Count by Peter PellikaanThe Taytelbaum Count is a modified Elmsley Count where the cards are turned over during counting. Just as with the Elmsley Count you can fully hide (front and back) one or more cards.

video 2:22

★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Peter Pellikaan
Taytelbaum Flushtration Count by Peter Pellikaan

This is Eddy Taytelbaum's version and handling of a flushtration-type count. That is, you show the same card multiple times but due to the handling, it appears you fairly show each card of the packet.

1st edition 2021, video 1 min 27 s

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Peter Pellikaan
TC Collectors by Peter Pellikaan

Have three cards selected (they can be signed), return them individually into the deck, shuffle, and miraculously the four kings turn face up, and between the kings the three selected and signed cards are found.

This effect is possible due to a simple gimmick you can quickly make at home. (No gimmick is included with this download.) There are many more ways to use this gimmick. Peter explains a variety of effects and ways to use it.

1st edition 2022, video 28:21.

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David Britland
Tearing a Lady in Two by David Britland

If you like the classic Card Warp effect you will love this related but nevertheless quite different effect. And you might have seen Charlie Fry's version of this trick - Ripped & Fryed - featured on the Paul Harris True Astonishment DVDs. Now you can learn the original and get all the tips, subtleties and pointers from the creator.

Whilst you can use this effect with playing cards it works equally well with business cards. In performance you introduce the subject of the big illusions that are being performed on TV. Although you haven't brought along all your apparatus with you perhaps some young lady...

★★★★ $6
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Ted Lesley
Ted Lesley's Working Performer's Marked Deck (refill) by Ted Lesley

This is a sheet of custom made white rub-on transfer numbers, characters and symbols. This is exactly what you need to make several Ted Lesley Working Performer's Marked Decks - or other similar decks like the Boris Wild Marked Deck. (The cards you have to supply yourself.)

Please note that you do NOT acquire the right to make and sell Ted Lesley marked decks with these transfers. They are for personal use only.

This marking system is considered the very best by many professionals. It combines super easy and reliable reading of the markings - which is crucial for real world under pressure performances - with...

★★★★ $10
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Ted Lesley & Eric Mason & David Britland
Ted Lesley's Working Performer's Marked Deck Manual by Ted Lesley & Eric Mason & David Britland
"I must congratulate you on producing the most readable 'Reader' deck I have ever seen." - Billy McComb

"A bold yet deceptive marking system that reveals the cards as fast as you can glance at them. An absolute boon to the professional performer." - Larry Becker

"Your marking idea is brilliant. It is quite the cleverest idea that I have seen in a marked deck for magicians." - Jeff Busby

"It is the first marked deck I have seen that is practical for the performing magician, your deck indeed makes miracles with cards so very easy congratulations." - Marvin Roy

Ted Lesley of Germany devised the Working...
★★★★ $10
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Dr. Bill Cushman
Telephone Bill by Dr. Bill Cushman

Take a bit of “Miraskill,” a twist each of Mirabill and “A View To A Skill” and mix with “Minimal Miraskill.” Between Stewart James, Herb Zarrow, John Bannon and Dr. Bill, you will have one of the strongest effects possible to perform over the telephone.

The good doctor had been seeking a way to perform Mirabill over the phone ever since its release but it seemed impossible. Until now.

Telephone Bill looks and sounds different than any of the above but utilizes James’s original brilliant principle and is every bit as squeaky-clean as Mirabill. Live and in person it is mind bending. But over the phone? Your audience...

★★★★★ $10
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Mario Tarasini
Teleportation by Mario Tarasini

The spectator picks a card and signs it. Magician splits the deck in two piles. Then he puts the card in one pile and it magically appears in the other.

  • completely impromptu
  • works with a borrowed deck
  • no sticky stuff
  • no magnets
  • no threads
  • works even with a card from a different deck
  • any deck, a sharpie and your hands

1st edition 2020, length 6:43.

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Peter Pellikaan
Ten by Peter Pellikaan

You show four blank cards and one ten of clubs, five cards in total. They all have red backs. Suddenly the ten of clubs has a blue back. Then you fan the remaining four cards and all the blank faces have changed to a royal flush, an ace, king, queen, and jack. The ten completing the royal flush. As a final climax all cards are turned face down and they all have different colored backs.

1st edition 2021, video 2 min 36 s.

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MP4 (video)

Allan Ackerman
Ten Card Trick by Allan Ackerman

This is Allan's variation of the famous Eleven Card Trick. That reads like a joke, but it ain't. The spectator counts ten cards and hands them to the performer who double checks counting them aloud. However often he counts, adds and removes cards, they never really are ten cards. (Requires knowledge of Carly's False Count.)

runtime: 6min 40s

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MP4 (video)

Hugh R. Johnston
Ten Mystifying Card Tricks by Hugh R. Johnston

Easy to learn, hard to detect. A booklet of routines that use the Si Stebbins stack.

This is an early publication by Hugh Johnston predating his larger Modern Card Miracles by several years. Includes research on its likely publication date by Chris Wasshuber.

  • The Secret
  • Rapid Counting
  • Weighing the Cards
  • To Tell the Center Card of Pack
  • To Locate Any Card Called For
  • To Have the Joker Tell You What Card is Drawn
  • To Tell the Number and Suit Of As Many Cards As Are Drawn
  • To Tell Card That Is Drawn While Blindfolded
  • To Cut the Cards in Three Heaps and Tell Bottom Card of Each Heap
  • Reading the Cards
  • To Have Pack Cut and Name Bottom...
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Charles Thorton Jordan
Ten New Impromptu Card Tricks by Charles Thorton Jordan

This is number one of Jordan's Ten New Tricks Series. It assumes you are familiar with some basic sleights like the Pass and the Palm.

1st edition, 1920, Charles T. Jordan; 24 pages.

  1. Preface
  2. 1. Satan's Prophecy
  3. 2. The Spirit Mathematician
  4. 3. Co-incidentally
  5. 4. The Pinochle Ace Trick
  6. 5. The Vanishing Card
  7. 6. The Reversed Court Card
  8. 7. The New Pack Detection
  9. 8. The Life Saver
  10. 9. The Impromptu Arranged Pack
  11. 10. The Five Guesses
★★★★★ $3
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