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Unknown Mentalist
Coin'cidence by Unknown Mentalist

The owners of this ebook can get Absolute and Ultimate Coin'cidence for half price.

This is a routine which defies categorization. It is inexplicably weird and amazingly powerful.

It can be performed with your own coins or borrowed coins. With your own business cards or borrowed business cards. It can be performed with real coins or even with imaginary coins.

The performer makes a prediction on the back of his business card and keeps it face down in full view right before commencing the routine. A participant is asked to make a free choice from among 5 coins, real or imaginary. After the participant lands on a coin,...

★★★★ $18
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Edward Marlo
Coining Magic by Edward Marlo

Marlo's coin magic has a wonderful imaginative quality. He does things with props you've had around for years and you wonder why you didn't think of it.

  • Note
  • Paper And Coin
  • The Dealer's Pitch
  • For Enthusiasts
  • The Spider Vanish
  • Further Ideas
  • The Spectator Wraps It Up
  • Shrinkage
  • Copper-Silver Paper
  • Solid-Soft-Solid-Gone
  • Hand Penetration
  • A New Method Of Handling The Flip Move
  • Sans Duplicate
  • Flutterless
  • Unprepared
  • Ed Marlo's Personal Routine
  • S.O.C.
  • Technique For Visible Coin Change
  • The 1050 Transposition
  • Impromptu S.O.C. Routine
  • Marlo One Hand Turnover
  • Coin Box Turnover
  • Concluding...
★★★★ $9.95
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Nick Trost
Coinman's Packet by Nick Trost

20 mystifying coin tricks using ordinary coins. No sleight of hand required!

Another great classic from Nick Trost. In this manuscript you will find the following tricks:

  • Heads Up!
  • Nu-way coin guess
  • Three stacks
  • Coin game
  • Nu-way coin game
  • The coin clock
  • Four coin divination
  • Heads or tails
  • Double Headed coins
  • Topsy - turvy coin stack
  • Count the coins
  • Two coin across
  • Coin guess
  • Four and one
  • Four and one again
  • Tails up
  • Follow that coin
  • Tramps & Chickens
  • Heads & tails puzzle
There are some clever ideas here that you will not easily find elsewhere. If you love card tricks,...
★★★★ $10
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Roy Eidem
Coins by Roy 1 Bundle (PDF + download DVD) by Roy Eidem

This bundle consists of both the PDF and the one hour download video.

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Roy Eidem
Coins by Roy Volume 1 by Roy Eidem

This coin magic was instrumental in Roy's invitation and multiple performances at the by invitation only FFFF convention, as well as for his 2017 combined IBM/SAM close-up competition act.


  • Multiple Productions of Coins from a Coin Purse Frame (An Elegant Miser's Dream)
  • The Twisted Finger Palm
  • One-half Jumping Shuttle Pass
  • The Reverse Shuttle Pass Drop (RSPD)
  • Vanish of Multiple Coins into a Coin Purse Frame
  • Flash Production of Coins out of a Purse Frame
  • Modified Goshman Coin Pass
  • Click Pass - a Subtle Variation
  • "The 360 Cloak"
  • Flying Han Ping Chien & One Ahead
  • Retention...
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Roy Eidem
Coins by Roy Volume 1 (download DVD) by Roy Eidem

Inner secret coin magic after decades revealed. Detailed written instructions with dozens of photographs to assist in the learning of all the moves and new coin sleights. A full workers routine which may be performed in part of in whole depending upon the performance environment. Honed and refined in the underground over decades to its fundamental entertainment and performance simplicity. Promises kept for decades that portions of this material would never be performed before magicians and only performed before laymen so as to keep the exclusivity of the methods underground. Only now available...

★★★★★ $30
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MP4 (video)

Paul A. Lelekis
Coins Thru Table by Paul A. Lelekis

First of all let me explain that this Coins Thru Table routine can also be used as a Coins Across routine, which is a routine I've been using for about 28 years while table-hopping.

This routine is unlike any other routine you've seen. 5 coins are used (one contrasting coin) and all are regular coins. No shells, no hidden props, no gaffed coins are used. Carry these 5 coins in your pocket and you will be ready to perform an impromptu miracle that will really "shake up" your spectators. And it's simple to do. In addition, there are NO weird sleights or 'knuckle-busters' used in this routine....

★★★★ $6
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Alexander de Cova
Coinvelope by Alexander de Cova
"This is new to me. I have not seen anything like it. Your touches make it a miracle vanish. Very clean - very natural. Excellent." - Michael Close

"What a brilliantly simple, devious and clever idea! It is so deceptive, I love it!" - Nick Einhorn

Coinvelope is Alexander de Cova's latest creation. With this super simple (and therefore reliable) gimmick envelope you can vanish a borrowed, marked coin and have it reappear anywhere. The vanish is absolutely convincing and easy to do. The diabolical envelope does most of the work.

The envelope can be constructed literally within seconds, without using...

★★★★★ $15
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MP4 (video)

Devin Knight
Comedy Coin Prediction by Devin Knight
"I just got this today, it's great! Sometimes, the simple tricks are the best. I've already shown it to some people, and it really DOES get a big laugh. Thanks!" - Dave D.
Effect: Here is a very novel comedy close-up prediction effect that your spectators haven’t seen before. Almost everyone carries a cell phone nowadays, and most all of the cell phones have a calculator. Tell your spectator that you have made a prediction and that it is contained inside a small coin envelope. Tell him the envelope contains some coins that will predict a number he will create at random, from a number...
★★★★★ $3
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Doug Conn
Conn-juring by Doug Conn

Conn-juring contains professional magic developed for the real world. 42 pages, photo Illustrated.


Flush Brush 2.1 Painting the Royal Flushes.

After-Afterburn A flaming biz-card production.

Joints 3 coin vanish / recovery.

Coin Spectacle Elbow, Knee & Neck... w/ repeat!

Plausible Presentations An essay.

One Conn's one coin flurry and thoughts on the subject.

Rab-bit (sponge) vanishes & reappears on a speks shoulder.

This Little Pinky A dissertation on the pinky count (3 routines.)

Dante's Sandwich A synergystic sandwich sequence; Elmsley's "Point of Departure" meets "The...

★★★★★ $20
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Connoisseurs' Coins Through by Supreme-Magic-Company

Connoisseurs' Coins Through ... a definitive routine, one of the finest ever for the coins through table. The work of Vernon, Slydini and a host of others combined to give the easiest handling with the maximum effect. In this routine several coins pass repeatedly through the table. You begin with six coins. Three of the coins pass through the table top two times. Then you eliminate two coins and repeat the penetration through the table with four coins. Again, you eliminate two coins and repeat the trick with two coins. At the end you eliminate another coin and repeat the penetration a last...

★★★★ $6
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Roberto Giobbi
Convergence: coin assembly by Roberto Giobbi

Live from the European Close-up Magic Symposium 2012. This routine is taken from Giobbi's professional repertoire. It is his revised and expanded interpretation of a coin assembly created by the famous Japanese magician Shigeo Takagi (from the book Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi, published by Richard Kaufman). Here Roberto has devised a presentation that makes everything more magical. A true act of magic. This is artistic Close-up Magic at its finest.

  • Performance duration: 7,30 minutes
  • Explanation duration: 12 minutes
★★★★★ $9.95
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MP4 (video)

Victor Farelli
Convincing Coin Magic by Victor Farelli

A Practical Treatise on Coin Sleights and Effects with 54 explanatory photographs and diagrams.

Farelli was regarded by his fellow magicians as "beyond all other writers on conjuring in that he sought not only to explain the 'how-to' in minute detail, down to the last crook of the little finger, but he also threw in a thousand asides—the origin of the trick, a bibliography, alternative props or moves the performer might use, a quote from David Devant, the psychology behind the feat, audience reaction to it, and tips on practicing" (Robert Lund). Contains a select bibliography of coin magic.

Paul Fleming wrote: ...

★★★★★ $15
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Mark Stone
Cosmar Coin Gimmick by Mark Stone

Utility holder/vanisher

Step-­by-­step explanation with detailed photos on how to build and use this practical coin utility device (two-­gimmick set).

Each gimmick allows for secretly holding, retrieving, producing or vanishing five half-­dollar coins or four dollar-­size coins or for producing one or two 3" size coins. If used with palming coins, the gimmick will hold double the number of coins.

With easy-­to-­follow visual instructions and readily available low-­cost materials, this 47-­page ebook shows how the gimmicks can be made in minutes. Includes directions for proper...

★★★ $15
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Crispes by Nefesch

An amazing super clean penetration of a signed coin to a crispes bag.

You borrow a coin which the spectator signs. You hand them a chips bag and you throw the coin on the bag. They hear the coin, they feel the coin but they don't see the coin. You ask them to shake the chips bag and this time they feel it heavier. They open the bag and inside they find their signed coin.

1st edition 2008.

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MP4 (video)

Giacomo Bertini
Cylinder and Coins by Giacomo Bertini

This is his version of a classic routine, without the use of a wand. Many useful techniques are taught here, but it will be a challenge to accomplish. A very well constructed routine that shows the hand empty from time to time. Plenty of subtle convincers here. Advanced level. For stand-up workers.

length 22min 30s

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MP4 (video)

Raymonde Crow
Double Cross Doubloons by Raymonde Crow

A new take on Fechter's Flying Eagles.

Double Cross Doubloons is my version of Fechter's "Flying Eagles" routine, which is a tabled coin effect that has the advantage of not needing gaffed coins, gimmicks, or a soft surface like a close-up mat, nor are there any clothing requirements like sleeves, making it very practical for the restaurant worker or impromptu performer.

Double Cross Doubloons uses only six normal coins.

In this routine, each coin travels across via a different method, and ends in a flash crossing of all three coins, providing a climax that is missing from the original....

★★★★ $5
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Paul A. Lelekis
Double Matrix by Paul A. Lelekis

This e-book presents two amazing Matrix routines plus a bonus..."Coins Thru Table" with a cool subtlety!

Color photographs explain the moves.

These two coin/card matrix effects are designed to play one after the other for an amazing routine. The first 2-Card Matrix uses four coins and only two cards with some funny patter. All four 4 coins gather to the "leader" card. This routine is real "eye-candy". You are now set to move seamlessly into the second 4-Card Matrix.

This second matrix routine is a reverse matrix that uses 4 cards and 4 coins - they all gather to the leader and then...

★★★★★ $9
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Brick Tilley
Dr. Hekyll and Mr. Hype by Brick Tilley

This is a beautiful chip or coin change move. It was taught by Pressley Guitar to Brick Tilley in the 1970s. It is not easy to do. It will require a good amount of practice. But once mastered it is super clean and magical. Watch the video below.

1st edition 2017, 4 pages.

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Jeff Stone
Dream Vacation by Jeff Stone

The Effect: The magi weaves a story of smuggling Pesos across the Mexican border. Then demonstrates by placing a signed Peso in one hand and an empty (just examined) film canister in the other hand. The spectators hold onto the hand with the peso to keep it from escaping ... yet the other hand (no where near the peso hand) shakes the Film Canister ... silence ... silence ... then suddenly you HEAR the coin appear in the canister. It can be immediately handed to a spectator to open. No switches, no dups and everything is examinable before and after the performance. Don't believe me? Watch the...

★★★ $4
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MP4 (video)

Ken de Courcy
Dubbelkross and Simulkross by Ken de Courcy

A gradual transposition of three silver coins and three golden coins with an unexpected climax. Two routines.

Many methods have been devised for the classical effect wherein three coins pass invisibly through space to join three more. "Dubbelkross" and "Simulkross" are two further variations on the same theme; but, not only are the methods altered, the effects are, too. In fact, "Dubbelkross" represents the first attempt (as far as I know) at giving this transposition a definite climax. "Simulkross" does not pretend to give a startling climax, but is interesting because coins pass simultaneously...

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Radek Makar
Eastern Moves by Radek Makar

"The clips do look impressive." - Jonathan Townsend (the creator of 3fly)

"Radek Makar is a magical breath of fresh air when it comes to coin magic. Radek takes all the hard moves and makes them easy to learn and with a little practice, much easier to do. I love his stuff and you will too as Mr. Makar cuts himself some real space with this one and and enters the room of top coin men and shows them a thing or two or three from the East." - Marion Boykin

Creating something truly amazing and novel in coin magic is quite a bit more difficult than say with cards, because the amount of possible...
★★★★★ $25
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Radek Makar
Eastern Moves: Video Vol. 1 by Radek Makar

Radek received many queries to issue his Eastern Moves ebook as video. For some it is easier to learn a move from video instructions. Radek listened and decided to issue seven videos covering each part of Eastern Moves.

This is the first part including the chapters of 'Useful Moves' and 'Flourishes' including:

  • Flint Click Pass
  • Ladder Tenkai Pennies
  • 2K Vanish
  • Bevel Slide
  • FPV Change
  • Roll and Slide Vanish
  • Zipper Vanish
  • Arm Roll
  • Triangle Roll Down
All purchasers of the Eastern Moves ebook will receive this video for free. (Check your digital shelf.)
"Crazy cool deal from a Coin Magic Guru!" - Ben Salinas


★★★★ $2
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MP4 (video)

Radek Makar
Eastern Moves: Video Vol. 2 by Radek Makar

You will receive 30% discount on this video if you have bought Eastern Moves (the ebook) before or if you add it to your current order!

Hypnotic Spellbound is a spellbound just like any other -- a few different color changes of a coin in one sequence. There is one sleight difference. There are two common ways of performing Spellbound. One of them is a show of pure skill -- the magician changes the coin's color one time right after the other without saying anything. The second most common type is the same as above but the magician also describes what's happening -- "the coin changes color from... to..." etc.


★★★★★ $5
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MP4 (video)

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